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Mac Permissions not amending

We have recently discovered an issue where we cannot save back to our "mac hd" even though it shows is that i have read/write access on the drive and the enclosed items. Any idea what changes i need to make ? I can open and save the docs to alternate locations just not the location the files sit on ?
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Even though it shows OK, have you tried opening Disk Utility and repairing disk permissions?
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Tried this but it does not appear to be typing a password. If it is then the one i have for my current mac does not work and the one from the previous mac (where these files came from) does not work either.
In the Unix/Linux World, passwords do not show up on the command line.  It prevents a shoulder surfer from seeing how many characters you've typed.  You just have to trust what you type and make sure you've typed it correctly.  If you really do need to see your password, type it out in another window or app and cut and paste it into the terminal.
Got this working again by going to root of drive and adding user again with read/write permissions and "applied to enclosed items". This worked and she can save files and open programs (like itunes, where she could not before).

However, now her printers and Virtual box won't work.
The permission change has affected them somehow.

Any suggestions as to how to rectify this issue, I have "reset printers" which deleted all printers from devices and added them back, however it is pausing on printing and not letting me resume.

Any ideas ?
What do you mean by "going to the root of the drive"?  Did you go to the disk and change the owner to the User?  If you did that to the "root", you'll need to run Disk Utility and have it fix permissions.

You should only change the owner to the user ACCOUNT_NAME in the /User/ACCOUNT_NAME/ folder.
I added the current user with "Read + Write" privileges to the MAC HD permissions window. I set this to apply to enclosed items.
Have you tried one of my original suggestions and used Disk Utility to repair permissions?
Not onsite again until tomorrow. If i perform this disk repair will it revoke the changes made allowing user to finally save back to MAC HD ?
It could if the changes you made aren't "right".  The idea behind the repair is that the system will put in the proper permissions.
I have asked the user to move all her documents from root of MAC HD to her documents as she should have been doing. Once she has moved them i will repair permissions. Sound right ?
If you select the HD and do Get Info (Cmd + I) and look at the bottom of the window that appears, is the user in the list? And wit R+W rights?

If not you can add user with the + sign and then set R+W and make the user the owner of the disk. That will correct many things.

Was there a previous user of this Mac?
Theoretically there's nothing wrong with the documents sitting where they are, but if she's not an admin on the Mac, it could cause problems. And you're right, they really belong in her documents folder. Everything associated with a user on a Mac belongs under that user's folder .

New Imac but MAC HD was copied from previous mac and i'm not sure how user did transfer.
The Home folder, belonging to the logged in user, should have all rights proper. If not, Repair permissions will correct that area. The Desktop is included.

If the user needs to save to the main HD (beside the Applications folder) he would need admin rights to allow saving there or using the method I described to change the permission for that area.

I think it is likely that if the user was not moved over at the same time the mac was originally set up that there is a need to make the user the owner of the HD.

Does the User have Admin account or just Standard?
User account name is "Admin" and i understand it is an admin account. This got confusing since their username was "Admin" if you know what i mean !!
A really bad username for other than a system admin. Is the password: 123456 too? :D
no, the password may as well be 'admin'
Was part of solution. Appreciated input.