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Does AnyChart have 3D charts that work on the iPad?

I spent yesterday developing a cool #D chart in APEX, with AnyChart and added click listener, an ondemand process to add the checksum to the URL and had the drilldown working awesome.
THEN, we tested on the iPad... surprisingly it converted our 3D chart to 2D and thus lost all our functionality.

Does AnyChart have 3D charts that work on the iPad?
or is there an idea that would work to split the graph or something?

Thx, Bill
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if it's generated with HTML5 instead of Flash this should work ok.

I have not tested but you can check using your device
and select HTML5 tab
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I don't believe AnyChart has any HTML 5 - 3d charts, at least not supported in the APEX version.
Have you tried to ask them there is a Live Chat on their site
I actually called, and emailed to see about paying for support and I haven't heard anything at all. But I haven't tried the live chat so I will look into it
Thank you, Bill
Hi  lenamtl,
I tried live chat (for Sales all I could see) but not available the 3 times I tried.
Thx, Bill
I have send them an email.
This is strange for company to not reply to potential client.

Do you mind using another script / solution?
Hi Lenamtl,

did you hear from the company?

Yes, I am back on this problem and if I can use another script I would.. thx, Bill
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No, only the one that is licensed through Oracle Apex
ok I see

You can  try to find out if HTML5 is really called or just Flash when rendering the 3D.
Probably a setting in the code to change to call HTML5 instead of Flash for the rendering parameters

Maybe you could also take a chance to ask on the Apex community forum
Yes, HTML 5 is called because I viewed source
I have posted on Oracle forum.. no response.
Which IOS version ?
Which Browser?
Have you tried different browser?
I will have to get the IOS version of the iPad but it is a brand new one so imagine it is 6+
Tried Safari, Chrome on the iPad

Thank you,
I believe it is the version.. because the latest version has some nice 3d charts..

APEX 5.0 is coming out with the latest version.. will have to wait unless the customer wants to buy their own license.

Thank you for all your help..