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Separate date in Excel Field

I have a field in Excel that has both first name and last name separated by a space. I would like to pull out only the first name into a new column. Is there a formula that will do this?

Here is what the data looks like:
Joe Smith
Randy Roberts
Carl Heinz
Harold Harrison
Mark Grondin
Mark Grondin
2 Solutions
Select the data you want to modify --> Select the Data tab --> select Text to columns --> Select delimited --> Next --> Select "Space" only --> Select Finish

the formula would be

=LEFT(A1,FIND(" ",A1)-1)

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and for the last name if first name is in B1

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Try This :

  =IFERROR(LEFT(F10,FIND(" ",F10)-1),F10)
Mark GrondinAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help. =IFERROR(LEFT(F10,FIND(" ",F10)-1),F10) helped me deal with the exceptions, and I ended up using both the codes for first and last names (adding the "IFERROR" function to the lastname funciton suggested). I also returned a blank instead of the original contents of the cell, so my final functions I used are:
first name: =IFERROR(LEFT(L2,FIND(" ",L2)-1),"")
last name: =IFERROR(RIGHT(L2,LEN(L2)-LEN(V2)-1),"")

Wasn't exactly sure how to use the first recommendation, so I can not confirm how it works.

Thanks for your help!
Mark GrondinAuthor Commented:
Requested help to get the points correctly divided...

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