populate iframe src with variables dynamically


I have a series of variables on the page which I have captured but now I need to add them into an iframe src URL.

<iframe id="ifrm" src="http://mydomain.com?param1=[replace_with_var1]&param2=[replace_with_var2]"></iframe>

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What is the best way to achieve this using javascript?

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leakim971Connect With a Mentor PluritechnicianCommented:
window.onload = function() {

var var1 = encodeURIComponent( capture1 );
var var2 = encodeURIComponent( capture2 );
var iframe = document.createElement("iframe");
iframe.src = "http://mydomain.com?param1=" + var1 + "&param2=" + var2;

<div id="iframe-container"><div>

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chaitu chaituCommented:
<iframe id="ifrm" src="http://mydomain.com?param1="+paramvalue1+"&param2="+paramvalue2></iframe>
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