DNS Entries in SBS2011 Reverse Lookup Zones.


We have a client who has an SBS 2011 Server and we are looking at some DNS issues.

This server was a swing migration from SBS2003 and it looks like there are some entries in their reverse lookup zones referring to their old SBS2003 server.

My question(s) is:

Is it OK to remove all references from the Reverse DNS Zones to the old server (Without doubt this server no longer exists on their network)

Is it OK to remove all references in DNS for the OLD SBS2003 server name

Would these entries in DNS cause any issues at all?

Thank you and Regards
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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Cleaning up DNS is always a mandatory step in a migration. You can and should remove all references to the old server. As always, have a backup.
AndyKeenAuthor Commented:
Thank you cliff

Can I please ask - would these entries cause any DNS issues at all
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Yes. Especially in the AD zones.
AndyKeenAuthor Commented:
Excellent help Cliff.

Thank you
AndyKeenAuthor Commented:
Quick to reply, stayed engaged and accurate.
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