Receiving blank emails

I have a user that just now informed me of a very strange issue.  She's receiving emails with the from/to/subject information and the company confidentiality notice (top and bottom) but nothing in the body of the message.
Has anyone else ever come across this problem?  Does anyone know if this is an Outlook profile issue, a setting in Outlook or and Exchange server issue?
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pony10usConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you happen to know the formating of the email?  HTML, Text, etc.  

Try this:

1.  click file
2.  click options
3.  click "Mail" on the left
4.  click stationary and fonts in the middle pane
5.  click Font in Composing and reading plain text emails
6.  In the new window is "Automatic" selected? If not select it and test.
Kent FichtnerInformation Technology Systems SupervisorCommented:
Does the size of the email seem to show that the body was blank?  I just sent myself a blank email and it was about 10Kb.  What about when you use OWA, is the body there?  Do you have any tracking software that could show if there was text in the body?
Is this happening to all emails or just from one sender?

We have seen in the past that a sender has set up a specific color scheme for their email.

Have the user hold her mouse button down while scrolling the body and see if it looks like it highlights. If so then once it is all highlighted try changing the color.
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skbarnardAuthor Commented:
It appears the message is about 28K.  I'll have to ask the user about OWA, I didn't think to ask her about that.
The only tracking I have at this point is the tracking log on the Exchange server.
It's not happening to every email - usually about 5-6 messages a week for the user and she states it's never from the same sender.  Sometimes it happens when the email is addressed to her directly and sometimes when an email is sent to a larger distribution list she's on.
I don't believe there's any color scheme in the message, she forwarded one to me and there appears to be no background.
Kent FichtnerInformation Technology Systems SupervisorCommented:

One thing I would try is to make a new user and have a transport rule make a copy of every email she receives to that new user.  Maybe it is the users account?

Any chance to get a copy of the email from someone else in the company (if she is part of the distro list, then someone else should have received it too).

Did a little research, do they have any sort of Antivirus (try shutting that off), but OWA should take care of that test as well.
skbarnardAuthor Commented:
I'm kind of in and out of my office today.  OWA showed a blank message too.  I'll have the technician work with her to try the list from pony10us.
skbarnardAuthor Commented:
I've heard nothing back from the user that complained of this issue.  The solution marked as accepted is a good place to start but the technician at that site is not as helpful as some so at this point I don't know if he carried through.
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