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Name Servers in GoDaddy AccountZone Level Service Configuration on Dynamic DNSI have been using Dynamic DNS (dyndns.org) for my ZONE Service needs. Please see the screenshots. I run the website on the webserver in my network, but use Godaddy's email service.

All is fine except the yearly fee continue to go up. I used to pay $25/ year for each domain, but now they charge $30/year.

Is there any other company that provides the same service with less fees?

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Zephyr ICTConnect With a Mentor Cloud ArchitectCommented:

Are you just hosting DNS with GoDaddy? Or also using Go-Daddy's email services, like using the mail servers from GoDaddy, it's a little unclear to me since you're pointing to the mx-record.

If you only use DNS services you could go for Amazon Route53

More info: http://aws.amazon.com/route53/
Pricing: http://aws.amazon.com/route53/pricing/
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