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Hi Experts,
I have a Ubiquiti M5 Nanobridge connected by cable to TP-Link router for WiFi, I decided to replace a TP-Link router with Cisco 600 AP but the problem is I still cannot get access to the internet.

Things I did,
I assign IP to the Cisco AP WAN port like because the other port on nanobridge is

I active DHCP server on Cisco AP.

Also I tried to leave it on default.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using a Cisco 600 AP isn't really the way you should do it.  The 600 AP is an OfficeExtend AP and isn't designed to do what you're asking it to do.  It should be linked to a Cisco WLC - which I guess you don't have, and it shouldn't be used as a replacement for a router, but rather 'with' a router.  Therefore it won't work.

@Miftaul - the 600 AP isn't autonomous - it's lightweight to an extent although it has some user-configurable items and is intended to be taken offsite in order to allow a corporate SSID to be broadcast at home.
Some short questions:
a. Is the Cisco's DHCP server leasing IP addresses to the Wi-Fi clients?
b. Is the default gateway set at the DHCP server level?
c. Are the DNS servers set at the DHCP server level?
d. Can you post a Screen Shot of the command "IPCONFIG /ALL" of a Wi-Fi client?

Thank you.
Considering you have only one SSID named lexmark1, could you check if the following configs are present.
AP(Config)## configuration for the SSID
AP(Config)#dot11 ssid lexmark1
AP(Config-ssid)#auth open
AP(Config-ssid)#auth key wpa ver 2
AP(Config-ssid)#wpa-pak ascii password

AP(Config)## Associating SSID with the Radio interface
AP(Config)#Int dot11 0
AP(Config-if)#encryption mode ciphers aes
AP(Config-if)#ssid lexmark1
AP(Config-if)#channel le 1 6 11
AP(Config-if)#no shut

AP(Config)## Configuring for LAN connection.
AP(Config)#Int bv1
AP(Config-if)#ip address
AP(Config-if)#ip default-gateway
AP(Config-if)#no shut

Open in new window

This configuration are working on my AP1252, but should be present in all Autonomous APs.

Here is the Cisco document on GUI Configuration - Link Here
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Thanks craigbeck, I never worked on 600AP. Actually didn't know about this feature. Good Learning point.
lexmark1Author Commented:
Hi craigbeck,
Thanks for explanation, but what if i change my nanobridge mode to access point instead of station.

Craig BeckCommented:
Is the internet feed connected to the TP-Link router, or do you get the internet feed via the Nanobridge link from somewhere else?
lexmark1Author Commented:
The internet feed via the nanobridge link from the ISP tower.

Craig BeckCommented:
If you change the Nanobridge to AP mode it won't link to the AP where the internet is located unless you use WDS.

I think you're still going to need a router though so this probably won't solve your problem.
lexmark1Author Commented:
What if I change Nanobridge  network  mode to router?

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