How to schedule a job to run on specific days of the week using crontab?

I need to schedule a job that will run at 5 am from Tue-Fri, only 4 days in a week using crontab. But if Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri is the first day of the month then this job should not run. How do I accomplish that? Below scheduled job is not working as it runs on Saturday/Sunday. Please advise what changes do I need to make in a below scheduled job.

00 05 2-31 * 2-5 /export/home/adwadm/analytics/bin/ 2&>1
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
00 05 * * 2-5 [[ "$(date "+\%d")" != "01" ]] && /export/home/adwadm/analytics/bin/ 2&>1

Please note the backslash "\"  in front of "%" - it is mandatory in crontab!
IT_ETLAuthor Commented:
Hi woolmilkporc,

Thank you for quick response.

"00 05 * * 2-5 [[ "$(date "+\%d")" != "01" ]] && /export/home/adwadm/analytics/bin/ 2&>1"

Would you briefly explain  [[ "$(date "+\%d")" != "01" ]] &&?

Just a note, this job should not run on Sat, Sun, and Mon. Also, if it is the first day of the month then job should not run even though the day is Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri.

Should it be [[ "$(date "+\%d")" != "601" ]], why do we need "&&" in a above schedule.

Please advise.
Why "601"? The job should not run on the first of a month, and date "+%d" is "01" on such a day.

!= means "not equal" (string comparison) and "&&" means "run the following statement if the previous expression returns "true", which is obviously not the case on the first of a month. It's just a short form of "if ... then ...".

The job is triggered by cron only on weekdays 2 to 5, which means Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Now our check comes into play. If we have a value other than "01" for date "+%d" then we run the script, otherwise we don't run it, but exit silently.

That's all.
IT_ETLAuthor Commented:
Thanks woolmilkproc. It makes sense.
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