How To Narrow My Niche?

This is my blog and I was told that having a self help kind of blog is too general and you need to narrow your niche if you really want it to be a business??

Any idea on how to do that for this blog????

I am into self development which is why i created this blog and i know many people are into it....
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Asked:
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Scott Fell, EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Developer & EE ModeratorCommented:
What business are you in? And what product are you selling?

I suggest narrowing your focus on how you want to make money.   It looks like you are using inbound marketing techniques.   The focus should be on the types of self help you work with (if there are types?).    I think it is good to have a handful of subtopics that relate to one another.   I like how works.  They have 8 different topics but all about using content to grab people. also does a great job with inbound marketing and they have some expensive tools to sell you to go along with it.  I am not advocating using the service, but look around the site and sign up for the demo.  Notice how you are treated and if you search for inbound marketing the different ways you can find hubspot and their landing pages.

Both of these companies are riding the wave of where SEO has morphed - content/inbound marketing.    You can talk about self help and give snippets of how to improve your life, be happy, project kindness blah blah blah...  Just don't push your product in that content.  Make your content good enough that others would use it as a resource just as I have done for hubspot and compendium.  I don't use those products although I have demo'd but I refer to them all the time.

Get rid of all of your ads and watch how your pop ups work.  Your site is very spammy and a turn off.  If I am looking for self help, you have turned me away because there is that stigma about some people (Just as there is about a masseuse even when they are super legit).  Your spammy ads are not helping you.   If you are not getting 10,000 unique visitors / 30,000 page views per month, you are not making enough clicks to warrant the possibility of turning some folks away.  Also, ads are like salt.  In moderation you don't notice and too much spoils the steak.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Not sure what this question is regarding.  If you want advice on how to be a better self-help business, you need to ask it somewhere else.

If you want advice on how to structure a web site so that it can be a revenue generator, we possibly can help with that but would need more information on what you expect the site to do for you.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Here are the subjects we find in your blog (menu bar).
Thoughts and Beliefs
Personal Development
Videos Productivity
Of these subjects, select two or three which you feel that you are best qualified to give advice on. This will narrow the scope of your blog.
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brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
yes i want it to be a revenue generator... at the moment all i am getting is a few adsense clicks but not much.....traffic is very low to the site.....

The main thing I want is to collect is emails so i can market relevant products and services to them...

however I was showing my site to a pro blogger recently and he told me that a site needs to be aimed at solving a problem basically and all i have is a general motivational site and people can get motivation for free on facebook etc so I need to narrow  this from just a general motivational blog to figuring out what problem I would like to help solve and basically build my business around that.....

at the moment I have a list of close to 500 people and i guess they are not all seeking the same things but they love to be inspired!!!

i hope i don't have to delete this entire site and start over from scratch....

hope this clarifies a little....
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
There are "Pro" bloggers who write for passion and those that write for money.  If you follow where SEO is going, specifically what the Google Web Spam team talks about, the folks that are doing it for passion will win out over those that are doing it for money.  

Be yourself,  not somebody else.  Example: "Paul Walker Dies! 3 Lessons We Can Learn From His Life"  This is a classic link bait and X things you can do.  How is that headline in anyway motivational.   Perhaps Sam has  a more motivational story

I agree that you need to solve a problem, but you can solve it by offering great, unique content that I have to have that is not copy pasted and retweeted 500 times over.

Dig up the unique stuff, that is what that upworthy does.   Live the life that you are talking about and show it in video and pictures.
Brian ClausenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi slingingshot15,

I agree with Scott Fell (padas) - being successful longer-term in this endeavor requires you to cover topics about which you are passionate.

Additionally, it is important that you discuss topics that are of interest to people - and that people are searching for on Google.

Generating advertising revenue requires traffic. I would start by figuring out how people are currently finding your site (by using Google Analytics, or a comparable package, to track how visitors are getting to your site).

I would then ask yourself what problems you would like to solve, and I would search Google for these types of topics (phrasing my searches as questions that may mirror the way others will search). Analyze the Google results and try to identify common topics where Google can not provide great results, as these may be your opportunity area.

Going down this path may allow you to develop a more targeted set of themes and topics - then build a plan that lays out your strategy for developing compelling content around these themes. Until you focus on a few key themes, it will be difficult for you to gain systematic traction.
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