Email Delivery '554 5.1.0 Sender Denied'

Hi I have an old SBS 2003 server (Yes I know its old!!!!) that is running Symantec Mail Security but im having trouble getting emails in from a certain sender.

They are getting a '554 5.1.0 Sender Denied' bounce back from the SBS server but when I look in the Exchange message tracking I cant even see the email. This is strange as even mails that get bounced back still show in here usually?

This is the bounce back the sender gets is below.

I have added the senders email address to the allowed list on Symantec Mail Security and in Sender Filtering in Exchange, is there any other way I can track or see why this email is being rejected.


SBSSERVER rejected your message to the following email addresses:
Laura Donnelly (laura@SBSDOMAIN)
SBSSERVER gave this error:
Sender Denied
This message was rejected by the recipient email system. Please check the recipient's email address and try resending this message, or contact the recipient directly.

Diagnostic information for administrators:
Generating server:
Remote Server returned '554 5.1.0 Sender Denied'
Original message headers:
Received: from ( by ( with Microsoft SMTP
 Server (TLS) id 15.0.842.7; Fri, 17 Jan 2014 11:54:59 +0000
Received: from ([]) by ([]) with mapi id
 15.00.0842.003; Fri, 17 Jan 2014 11:54:59 +0000
From: SENDER <maintenance@SENDERDOMAIN>
Subject: FW: RE: S13041
Thread-Topic: RE: S13041
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 11:54:59 +0000
Message-ID: <>
References: <30A6F3B6C0D43C48A0ABFF11DA0D9D66AFC6DB@SBSSERVER.local>
In-Reply-To: <DE4DE9C2E483A04BB0D92558688ACE060E5A374E@>
Accept-Language: en-GB, en-US
Content-Language: en-GB
X-MS-Has-Attach: yes
x-originating-ip: []
x-forefront-prvs: 0094E3478A
x-forefront-antispam-report: SFV:NSPM;SFS:(10019001)(689001)(779001)(679001)(46034005)(66654002)(189002)(199002)(74502001)(31966008)(47446002)(74662001)(18206015023)(77982001)(56776001)(54316002)(77096001)(63696002)(15975445006)(59766001)(79102001)(2656002)(81542001)(87266001)(93136001)(85306002)(65816001)(92566001)(19613025002)(81342001)(69226001)(93516002)(17760045001)(80022001)(87936001)(76576001)(76796001)(66066001)(80976001)(81816001)(76786001)(33646001)(81686001)(74316001)(74366001)(15202345003)(83072002)(50986001)(46102001)(85852003)(19617315008)(90146001)(47736001)(49866001)(47976001)(56816005)(4396001)(51856001)(76482001)(53806001)(54356001)(19580395003)(16236675002)(83322001)(19580405001)(74706001)(74876001)(16601075003)(42262001)(24736002);DIR:OUT;SFP:1102;SCL:1;SRVR:AM3PR06MB068;;CLIP:;FPR:;RD:InfoNoRecords;MX:1;A:1;LANG:en;
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
MIME-Version: 1.0
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The message is being rejected at the point of delivery, that is too early for message tracking. Message tracking only sees the message once it has been accepted by Exchange. Therefore I am not surprised at all that it doesn't appear in Message Tracking.

I will point the finger at Symantec's product. That causes more problems than it is worth in my opinion.

Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Could be a couple of issues.  Either the specific address is on a block list (like your outlook).  Also are they perhaps on a blacklist and your sbs is referencing a filter like spamhaus or spamcop etc?
RedDoorSuppliesAuthor Commented:
Hi I did have SORBS and Spamcops added but have disabled the rules and then got the sender to try again but it still failed (I didn't restart any services after disabling the rule)

I also thought about that but got the sender to try the administrator@ address and the same thing happened.

Its just strange that it doesn't show up in the message tracking?
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Also you could run a blacklist check on their domain to see if that is also an issue.  If it is you probably don't want to receive email from them until their issue is resolved.

You can do a blacklist check at MXtoolbox

RedDoorSuppliesAuthor Commented:
Ok that makes sense why its not showing up.

I have spoken to Symantec and the have said the error is not one that it would use to reject emails so have possibly eliminated this from causing any issue.

Is there any other logs I could check, I know Exchange 2010 has an agent log txt file that will show the email coming in?

I don't think its the intelligent message filter as this does show up in message tracking when it rejects an email?

Anything else I could check/try?

Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Rule number one - Tech Support lie.
Therefore the fact that Symantec tech support say it isn't them doesn't mean it isn't responsible.

IMF only acts on messages after they have been delivered, this is an error happening beforehand. That means it is either Symantec, something in Exchange, or something else.

Check If sender filtering is enabled on the SMTP virtual server. If it is, turn it off.
I would also check your own MX records to ensure they are all pointing at your server and not some other service that could be rejecting the email.

RedDoorSuppliesAuthor Commented:
Yes good point Simon!!

Well it seems the sender is being less than helpful on sending tests in for me and he doesn't have an IT department as such that I can involve in helping with testing etc.

So as there is not a great deal of logging in Exchange 2003 (That I can find) im at a bit of a dead end at the moment as to getting the emails delivered.

I might have to wait till they raise it again that the mail isn't getting through and see from their.

Thanks for your help so far!
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
If you aren't getting help from the other side, there isn't much you can do about it. It is very hard to diagnose the issue if it is just a handful of domains with the issue.

RedDoorSuppliesAuthor Commented:
Yes exactly, I have just turned off the sender validation (Well set to accept) and hopefully they are going to send another test in, then once this has been done I will set it back to reject.

Do you have to restart any services with 2003 once making these sorts of changes?
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Shouldn't need to - although it does no harm to restart the SMTP server service.

RedDoorSuppliesAuthor Commented:
Didn't manage to get to the bottom of this but was able to get the emails in another way.

This is going to be upgraded (from Exchange 2003) sooner rather than later which will give us better options once done.

Thanks for your help anyway!
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