mismatch was detected between a view of a folder and the actual contents of the folder.

One of the users in my exchange 2010 environment is experiencing an issue with outlook 2007 locking when she attempts to access the deleted items.  I have found in the event viewer on my exchange 2010 server numerous warnings regarding just her user name to this point.

Exchange 2010 SP3
server 2012
outlook 2007

client pc is XP

A mismatch was detected between a view of a folder and the actual contents of the folder. The mismatched item was ignored.

Attempts may be made to rebuild the view, but if this message continues to persist for this mailbox, moving the mailbox to a different database may resolve the issue.  Now some of the research i have done points to an issue with the entire mailbox db but in this instance it only points to one user no others are affected. specifically 74 warnings over the last week.  Does anyone have an idea of how i can TS this one?  My first thought was to delete the mail profile on the client but I'm not sure that will help?

Database: Mailbox Database 0436979828
Folder: [MBX:user name][Deleted Items]
MsgHeader ID: 3de5-3592
Folder ID: 3de5-3599
View ID: 1-1C33394C
View Name: 3de5-3599 -A-D+S42-Te06 409
Document ID: 986440
Function: EcPopulateInitialMsgViewTable(Normal)
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
First thing to always do when you have a mailbox issue is to look in OWA.
Can you access the content in OWA?

The next step would be to simply move the mailbox to another database. That can often sort out problems within a mailbox.

If that still doesn't work, then a mailbox repair will be required.

telperiongroupAuthor Commented:
thank you
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