how to sum. I am getting errors.


using excel 2007 for windows

i press sum button and this does not work

tell me how you do it.
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tel2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi rgb.

See in your original how all numbers except the last (5.90) have a large margin on the right?  The margin is from 2 spaces.  Edit each one (e.g. press F2), remove the trailing spaces, then hit Enter, and it will be entered as a number.

See attached.  I have removed the trailing spaces and added a sum.
You need to make sure that the active cell is just below a column (or to the right of a row) of numbers. If you have numbers in b2:b9, click on cell b10 and then click the SUM button.
The SUM() function sums numbers, but all your numbers except 5.90 are entered as text.  Remove the trailing spaces from the numbers and try again.
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Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
You're not doing anything wrong...but...for some reason the formatting in column A is messed up.

I retyped everything into another clean column and the sum function woorked fine.
Just checked the attached spreadsheet. Either remove the spaces after each number, or just re-enter them. Only a16 is registering as a number.  The rest are viewed as text because of the extra space after the number.
rgb192Author Commented:
I do not understand

Could you send me the edited spreadsheet

what is the correct sum?
rgb192Author Commented:
Thanks. This sum works.
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