HP officejet 4620 how to get aiprint to work


Hardware spec
Printer: (HP officejet 2460) HP officejet 4620)

I have an issue with getting printer HP 4620 HP print (See link to product  working natively with iphone 4s iso 7 also tested with ipad ios7. The following are the steps I followed any feedback would be great

1. Unboxed product.
2. Installed shipped CD software on the PC.
3. Product was wireless functionality. I set up the wireless network via shipped CD tools.
4. The Printer is now on wireless network and is able to print tirelessly over the network
5. Updated the firmware on the printer via downloaded frimware software on hp product support page .
6. When I use the the iphone to print emails via the print button and try and find wireless printers no printers are found. I also tested with I pad

As the printer is on the network and printing I tried to troubleshoot airprint.

Looked up apple website for supported airprint printers I was able to see printer listed on this page please see link http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4356Apple list of supported printers.

The officejet 4620 is on that list. I cannot get it too work.

Please note I do not want a solution of an app to make printer work I need it to use native airpint functionality.

Thanks for help looking forward to feedback
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bigeven2002Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Since the wireless printing works on other devices, it may be the iPhone and iPad may need to be rejoined to the wireless network.

Let's start with the iPad, can you try turning off WiFi on the iPad, then power cycle the iPad to reboot it, then turn WiFi back on and reconnect to the WiFi network.  Then check to see if it finds the printer when tapping Print > Select Printer in the email application.
MiftaulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please open the printer admin panel on gui and see if bonjour service is enabled on the printer.
If it is on, then please turn off the printer, router and the iphone all for few minutes. Turn back the router first, then printer and lastly ipad.
Also, based on what Miftaul said, you can print a network configuration page from the printer to see if Bonjour is enabled.  Here is a link to that model's user guide:


Page 128 shows how to print the config page.  (the actual page says 124 but it is page 128 of the PDF itself)
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Peter LoobuyckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also check on your router to see if bonjour or any other multicast is allowed. Else it is never going to work.
☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If none of your Apple Devices can see the printer through AirPrint (and you've already shut everything down and restarted Router then Printer then iOS device with 30 secs or so between each stage) then this is probably a Bonjour service issue as already identified.  

If you have a Windows PC on the Network then as a diagnostic process you could install an AirPrint service on it using iTunes and the installer here (I know you want to use AirPrint natively this is just to see if the AirPrint Service is being seen across your network it can be removed later).

Apart from the service not running (although on most HP AirPrint supported printers it launches automatically) some routers block Bonjour packets (UDP port 5353) and need manual configuration to allow its use.

If you know the service was working fine before updating iOS then try this fix to restore networking settings on iOS which are set to default with the version 7 firmware updates.
FusioncAuthor Commented:
Thanks for comments just working solutions will post results thanks for responce please bear with me while I test solutions

I set up an HP printer for my sister to use with her iPad..  and it needed the eprint app from HP be installed on iPad.

Find it here.
FusioncAuthor Commented:

First of all thank you for the contribution has helpfully have narrowed it down to the router which seems not to be handling multicasting. I have ordered a router just want to wait until I received it and test fully before closing and assigning points. Will give report when finished.

To all contributors that do not receive good feedback keep up the good work some of us appreciated it ....
Great thank you for letting us know, keep us posted.
FusioncAuthor Commented:
I have resolved the issue. The following is a list of what contributors suggestion that resloved it for me

1. bigeven2002: 40% points His suggestion to log on to the printer http:\\ interface and check that the bonjour service was on. I checked this and this service was not on. Enabled this service but problem still persisted. (This was part of the solution I needed

2 PeterLbk: $0% Points His suggestion was to check the router to make sure multicast was enabled and working. This was a great help as I had checked everything else and helped me focus my efforts on checking the multicast function on router.

3. (MASQUERAID). Suggested testing service of airpprint service from PC and suggested that firewall maybe the issue. I took down the firewall but problem still was persistent. Could not get boujour service to work on printer.

4. Came to the conclusion that router was not handiing multicast or did not support it

5. Ordered new router. Set it up. Enabled Multicast . This resloved the issue

Thanks to all contributors
That's great to hear!  Miftaul was the one who originally suggested to check for the Bonjour service on the printer so I think he should get credit too.  Be sure to click on "Accept Multiple Solutions" on any post to assign points accordingly.  Thanks!
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