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Connect wireless router through Network cable to the computer

I have Verizon wireless router, I have desktop computer that does not have wireless card.
So I want to run a network cable between Desktop Nic and the wireless router port.
So I did that, then I went through setting up Network connection to internet, there is an option about Broadband DSL, I picked that, but then it prompts me to enter user name and password provided by the provider. In the back of the router there is SSID and the password, so I used them, but could get to connect it.

Now in this case I wonder what user name and password that I am supposed to enter.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

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helpfinderIT ConsultantCommented:
In your case SSID and pass you found on the back side is not important. SSID is name of wireless network and password to connect. Since you do not have wireless network adapter this is useless for you.
You have to focus to configure your router based on prividers requirements. You should know what type od connection you have - if WAN or DSL. And if you have to set login and pass they should be in your contract papers or you have to ask on hotline.
Basically if you have dsl cpnnection you have to havr dsl modem/router and set dsl connection in modem/router menu witn appropriate name and pass. If you haveWAN connection you have to have router with wan port and set dynamic or static WAN IP in routers management - depends on your provider config (again this info should be a part of your contract or available on demand from provider)
the SSID and the password are for wireless connection to the Router.
for the Router to connect to the internet - if you have a DSL connection then your internet provider would have provided you with a username and password, which you need to enter into the router
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
A lot depends on the kind of modem that you have (or other type of internet interface box; but generally it's a modem or modem/router.
Either way, if it's an ADSL device then there will generally be a type of PPP connection and, for that, it will need a username and password.
Sometimes the modem will pass through this role to whatever is connected next.
If it's a combined modem/router with NAT then generally it will retain that role.
Let's assume that the router is connected next.
So you would generally enter the username and password into the modem but sometimes the router (or computer that follows the modem).

What is common today is for the interfacing device to be a modem/router combined with NAT.  So, the address and subnet that's seen on the inside of the network is a private subnet.  Such as or
In this case the modem needs to have the ISP login username and password entered into it.

And, in that case you would not be using the Broadband DSL interface on any computer.  No need for a username or password.  If you do then it's the ISP username and password BUT then you expect to be getting a public IP address and not a private one as above.
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I assume the "Network connection to internet" you mention is on the PC.
On that one you should just say "LAN", since Broadband DSL part is all handled by the modem/router. Your PC connects to a LAN created by the router.
If the modem is already set up and working wirelessly then you should not have to do anything except plug a Ethernet cable in to the computer and the other end into an open port on the router.   The computer should set up automatically and give you access to the internet.  It is does not give me the modem model and I help with the setup
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
For the wired computer to work, all you should need to do in the simplest case is to make sure the computer NIC is set up to "get an IP address automatically" (i.e. via DHCP).  Without this it likely won't work.
not sure everyone is reading the same question as the one I can see.
the router connects your computer to the internet with it sitting in the middle of your PC and the internet
you state you have connected to a router with a wire - you have got into the routers setup
you cannot connect the router to the internet.

so your computer is successfully talking to the router but the router is not talking to the internet

if your internet connection into the router  is a telephone cable then its DSL then you need a username and password from your internet provider.

if your internet connection into the router is an Ethernet or coaxial then you have Cable internet and you probably just need to select cable as the type of internet (not dsl)
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
the router connects your computer to the internet with it sitting in the middle of your PC and the internet
Respectfully, this assertion seems to avoid the entire issue of what device is there to "connect to the internet".  Maybe the Verizon wireless router does that and maybe it doesn't.

Might it be that the Verizon wireless router is a cellular interface?  That would make it a "modem/router" in the context of my original response.
@fmarshall - hmm good point.    maybe the author can add more detail on model and setup
jskfanAuthor Commented:
Will check it later...........Thank you

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