CPU Maxes Out On Browser Open

When I open my browser, either Chrome 32 or IE11, the CPU maxes out at 100% for about  5 seconds.

In 20 seconds it's back to 2-3%.

I have a Mac Pro 2008 14 G's ram.

The browsers open with 2 sites, Yahoo and MSN,

Read something about a "false Chrome or IE exe."!

Not sure what the problem is... if any!
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SandyWalveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have your another User ID which is Local Admin on that system, simply log on with that and reset the password for your existing profile/user ID. Normally when you connect with default profile it will go for Administrator account. Simply do Control+Alt+Del twice it should take you to a mode where you can enter user id and password manually. There simply put your older user name and hit enter as you saying it is not holding any password. When ever you reset the profile it always keep the password settings as it is. Only thing it creates fresh copy as good as fresh you log on when you install Win 7. You have to reconfigure your outlook so as IE if any proxy settings done. Favourites you can copy back from the older profile which will still exist at C:\Users. Simply copy the data which is there like Favourites, Desktop, My Documents etc.
for testing, try disabling all addons then start the browser. if the cpu doesn't max out then we will know it is one of the addons is causing this issue.

in chrome they are called extensions. go to settings, extensions and uncheck them all.
mtnhomeAuthor Commented:
Dropped to 87%... for a few seconds.
Free Tool: Port Scanner

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mtnhomeAuthor Commented:
Then down to 3%!
Try reinstalling Aobe Flash Player or Shockwave if installed. Also check if similar issue is faced with Another User on same PC? It not then this could be a profile issue.
mtnhomeAuthor Commented:
Ok on Adobe... but only one User.

Also getting a issue with "server execution failed" when I try to open a backup HD, so it may well be a Profile issue.

Any easy way to fix a Profile!

Am about to try an Upgrade Reinstall of Win7!
Just log on with another User ID who is Administrator on that machine.

Go to C:\Users and rename your old affected user profile

Log in fresh and it should fix your problem
mtnhomeAuthor Commented:
I like easy but... if I followed your earlier 11:25 comment, none of my documents or programs would vanish???
mtnhomeAuthor Commented:
OK sandy... I followed your first comment (just a name change) and everything looks the same.

My new Profile #2, however, which I created to make the change, was a blank slate... like I had just installed Win7.
mtnhomeAuthor Commented:
Well Sandy... ran into a major issue.

Everything was OK until I did a Restart under my NEW Profile name.

But... Win7 then wanted a password. What password? Never used a password. Tried various default passwords. Nothing! Tried entering my old Profile name. No go.

Then tried going into Safe Mode. Zippo. Asked for password.

Then went into my Apple OS (Win7 is in Bootcamp)... and onto the internet. All kinds of ways to reset a password but none were easy. And then, I wasn't sure where that would get me.

Finally decided to try my Win7 Install disc. Worked. Got into that and went to System Repair.

Decided to give System Restore a try. Surprisingly, found several Restore points... and gave it a roll. I wasn't sure it could find any as my Profile was locked out.

But it did! Initially, after restoring all the files, a message popped up that restore was unsuccessful.  Oh No!

Well... went to Restart and waited... and amazingly the system booted up into my Old Profile as of the Restore date, a couple days ago.

Dogged a bullet!  Any idea what and why all this happened?
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