I need IBM SPSS v21 software copy. I have the license but not the software

I am looking for software for SPSS v21. We purchased license from IBM but unfortunately I dint save the soft copy of it, into the share. Now I want to install on one of the computers but couldn't because I don have the software. But I do have the license.

Any assistance is much appreciated
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richdiesalConnect With a Mentor ProfessorCommented:
If you have the license, you can download the software through IBM's Passport Advantage: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/passportadvantage/pao_customer.html

If you have the license but never set up a Passport Advantage account, you should contact IBM support - they'll set you up: http://www.ibm.com/electronicsupport
arkr12Author Commented:

I tried passport advantage and setup an account but couldn't download from there as we dont have maintenance contract with IBM. So we can't download the software.
IBM only provides licenses to SPSS themselves - they don't subcontract it to other vendors (this is why Amazon doesn't sell SPSS except for the student version) - which means they are the only ones that have your license info.  So you should really contact IBM electronic support at this point, tell them you have a license but lost the software, and they will verify the license and either send you a CD (probably at your expense) or provide you with a download link.
arkr12Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I tried my best but couldn't get any help from them. Thanks anyway for your help.
arkr12Author Commented:
I managed to get the software
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