Exchange 2010 - Change email only user into full Windows user

Have one user in SBS 2011 that was created as email only.  Now he needs full user account in Active Directory.  Is there a simple way to change over, or do i have to delete and create one from scratch?
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Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

To my knowledge you can create a mailbox for an excisting user but you cannot add a user to a mail enabled account.
My advise would be to create the new account without deleting the mail account. After creation off the AD account you can have exchange add an emailaccount.
Next i would give the new account full rights (send as, full permissions etc) on the mail account.
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:

I'm not sure what you are referring to. There is no such thing as an "email only" user. Every mailbox has an AD account associated with it. Do you mean you have a contact you need to convert to a mailbox?

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There is no "e-mail only" user without AD account.
If you want to access email mailbox, then you need AD user credentials and a mailbox connected to that user. If you have just a mailbox, then it is a disconnected mailbox and you can not access it and use it.
So I'm not sure, what you want do do. I will need some additional explanation.
Maybe this link is something that could be usefull in your case:

You can disconnect a mailbox from one user and connect it to another user. But, as I said, I need more data.
Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:
My guess he is talking about a mail enabled distri group.
071171Author Commented:
I was not accurate.  What i meant to say was the user account is created.  However, it's not seen in Windows SBS console, where i typically make changes to folder redirection, etc on an SBS server.  Is there any way for the user account to be seen in the SBS console if you didn't create it through the SBS console originally?
You need to set msSBSCreationState attribute value to Created in ADSIEdit for that user.
Olaf De CeusterCommented:
If user exists and dyou want to see it in SBS console you need to move user in the SBSusers in the MyBusiness OU in ADUC.
Once it shows in the Console> Users> click on user and run a template against that user using: Change user role for user ccounts  to make that user the same as all others.
Hope that helps,
071171Author Commented:
Worked great. Thanks!
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