Clicked on Hub Transport  under Server Configuration i get Microsoft Exchange Critical Error for " The constructor to Deserialize an object of type " Microsoft. Exchange.Data.StrongTypeFormatException" was not found"
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vSolutionsITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Run EXBPA and confirm if it reports any errors.
Confirm if you have migrated from previous versions of exchange like exchange 2003. If yes then confirm no send connector from exchange 2003 is showing in exchange 2010 console.

Confirm if you have updated your Exchange to latest service packs and update rollups.
Is this fresh installation or you just migrated from an older version?
jayz82inAuthor Commented:
Thanks i change registry setting and it work
Jayz82in : Can you please share the registry key changes you did. It may become helpful to somebody else who faces the same issue when he come across this article.
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