LogMeIn Hamachi Gateway network please help!

i've set up mesh networks with no problems. They've always been 1 to 1 (a laptop in the field getting back to the server or similar).  I use the 25.x.x.x IP addresses to get to the machines.

And I set up a gateway for a workgroup with no problems - a laptop in the field wants to back up to a NAS in the office.  I put the gateway software on a win 7 machine and the laptop can get to the NAS.

But having problems with an SBS 2011 server set up as the hamachi gateway and a laptop out in the field.  I've created the gateway network / installed the app on both machines several times, with different results each time as I play with it. Is there documentation?

The SBS 20011 server is, single NIC and it's a domain, and serverOS (the note about workstations not being a gateway in a domain isn't an issue here?

The laptop in the field has a IP address at the remote location it's at now (and can hamachi work ok if both the gateway and member have the same subnet, but on different physical networks?)

on the website I installed the Hamachi software on the gateway machine, created the network, chose the gateway computer. Then installed the software on the member, from the website added the member machine as a member.

on the gateway, in the hamachi window, it shows the member machine, with an IP of and yellow triangle. Details for the member say error on vpn status, details say see the setting page and settings seem ok / nothing wrong / they match the member settings (and to eliminate possible issues, I set them to allow all traffic, password authentication  (with matching password), disabled encryption and disabled compression.

Now the server shows DHCP server turned off - event ID 1041 - same problem as yesterday when I turned off hamachi so the sbs box would be the dhcp server it is supposed to be for the LAN.

I am just randomly trying things. Can anyone help / point me to directions on setting up the network?
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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Spent a fair amount of time on this.  should have called tech support sooner?  They wound up pointing out on this public page:


That it says:

The Gateway Node functionality is not available on any Mac OS, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Small Business Server editions due to limitations within the operating systems themselves

On the page to setup a gateway network, it does warn that a desktop OS can't be used as the gateway on a domain.  Should the OSs that it won't work on at all also be in there?  Should the app know the OS it is being installed on and warn you?  A little more effort on their website or app would save them from tech support calls and ingratiate them with users?  But I guess all tech firms should take that approach
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