Editing Word 2013 icon images that I've already added to the toolbar

How do I customize/edit the standard icon images for macros (that I added to the toolbar) similar to the way I was able to do with Word 2003 under XP, where I could edit each pixel?

Alternatively, it would be nice to let me add customized images to the standard choices or edit those choices before I add an toolbar icon to a macro

Please refer to my previous question for background.  It might make a difference as to how you reply.

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DrTribosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi WaterStreet - not sure how familiar you are with this so will give a brief overview.

Ribbon no longer supports editing icon buttons - I had forgotten doing this in 2003 until you mentioned it.

You can however edit the ribbon by opening up a dotx / dotm template and putting your icons inside it.  The UI Editor Tool will allow you to do this, down side is that you might need to learn some XML (is that really a downside?).  Here is a link to the tool.  

Be careful when using the tool - always always always make sure you close the file in Word before opening it in the tool - you can suffer major losses otherwise.  

I like to use notepad++ to edit the XML and then copy it across to the UI Editor.

The tool creates everything you need (call backs) to make a simple ribbon.  If you want to go down this path you will have the benefit of portability.  In other words you can create a template that you can put in the word startup folder, it will contain all your macros and have a custom ribbon.  You will be able to use it on any computer.  

Other customization is applied to the application... totally different.  The customization is always available but is less portable.
Hi there - looking into this now; first is this for personal use or distribution?
If you want to get custom graphics onto the ribbon I believe you will have to delve into XML - here is a tutorial and explanation.
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WaterStreetAuthor Commented:
Definitely personal use.
OK. Personal use.  As far as I can tell if you want to put your own images on the ribbon you have to get into the XML and apply the icons to a template.  I think it is sad that the button edit feature was dropped...  do you want them that badly?
WaterStreetAuthor Commented:
I recall hearing about something like that a while back.

10 years ago with office 2003, and before I retired, when I wrote a lot of macros at work that I would use frequently, I needed to keep maybe 15 or so on a toolbar.  I had to customize them, in order to tell them apart more easily than remembering which standard icons were assigned.  I will now only have about four or five macro icons, which I recently learned to put on the toolbar.  For that small number, it wouldn't be worth my while to take a time consuming detour from my top priority project.  In other words,  I already have just about all I need by the knowledge of how to assign standard icons to several macros I'll frequently need for my project.


You answered my question by letting me conclude that it would not be worth my effort to try to learn XML, and the extra care required and potential risks.  You saved me time in pursuing this any further.  I'll be happy with what is easily and safely available to me with the standard icons.  I can always hover over these few icons if forget which are which.

Thanks again
You could use 1 macro to launch a user form and put the images on buttons to load other macros :-D
WaterStreetAuthor Commented:
I could look into that. Thank you
I'll open a new question if I need help

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