remove XP Pro from domain

Hello, i received a PC from a company, that i have to setup for someone private.
the ppc is ok -  but is set up for a domain; of course i cannot boot it up to the domain, since i have no access to it.

in this case, how do i remove it from the domain?

i know i can use a factory reset - - but i don't want to use that.

all suggestions are welcome!
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strivoliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Login using a local administrative account (usually it's Administrator) and remove the PC from the domain. System's properties>Computer Name. Change from Domain to Workgroup and choose any name you wish.
Hi nobus... I can't believe it's you asking such a question. Is it really you? I'm your fan :-)
As per strivoli's answer as you do not have access to the domain the pc was joined too you will only be able to remove from the domain by using the local administrators account.

If you haven't been given the password for that account then you need to use an offline password reset tool such as these to reset the local admin password:

Hope that helps
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nobusAuthor Commented:
strivoli - thanks for the support.
as you see , nobody knows everything

i tried the local login with "administrator" but that was not accepted, so i'll try the password reset tool (i know that for a long time) -it's  on the UBCD
i'll post results later
nobusAuthor Commented:
it was so simple, thanks !
I'm honored to help someone like you!
nobusAuthor Commented:
wow - i'm just an ordinary person like you..don't exaggerate
and thanks for helping, and the nice wording - you just made my day !
nobusAuthor Commented:
strivoli, a follow p question here :
i hope you 'll participate
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