Can I programatically connect to Business Objects XI 3.1 from VS2010 .net 4.0?

I have Crystal Reports that I have created using the Visual Studio 2010 version of Crystal.
I have a web application that grabs the report locally and pushes a dataset and exports to a pdf, which works fine.

I would like to now grab the report from our Business Objects XI 3.1 server and do the same thing.
Is this possible?
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What do you mean by "grab the report from the BO Server"?

Do you want to get the report that is saved in the BO repository?

It is possible but you need the BO XI SDK.
According to SAP the SDK is on your Enterprise CD

zstafaAuthor Commented:
Yes I would like to get the report that is saved in the BO repository.

It is BO XI 3.1.  

I am having issues finding the CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.Infostore dll in Visual Studio with the 13 version....

Did you install the SDK?

Do you know that it should exist?

zstafaAuthor Commented:
I deployed it to the web-server and am recieving this error
"Class not registered - ReportClientDocument" on this line:

ReportClientDocument boReportClientDocument = boReportAppFactory.OpenDocument(boInfoObject.ID, 0);

I am guessing I need to install another redistributable? All of the dll's I added to the solution are version 12.0.1100

It's odd to me since it didn't produce a similar error when connecting using CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.EnterpriseSession boEnterpriseSession = boSessionMgr.Logon(...)

The CrystalDecisions.Enterprise version is the same....12.0.1100

zstafaAuthor Commented:
Installed CRRuntime_12_2_mlb.msi and it worked.

thanks for your help!
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