WifiReceiver cannot be resolved to a type

I am new to JAVA/Android programming and I am stuck when trying to declare:

receiverWifi = new WifiReceiver();

Eclipse is stating that it cannot resolve WifiReceiver to a type.  Here is the

If you can provide a step by step instruction on how I can fix this it will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Sharon SethCommented:
Where is this class defined WifiReceiver() ? Did you write that class?
Wayne88Author Commented:
Hi Sharon,

I was trying to follow this example http://www.anddev.org/wifiscanner-t4099.html and got the same issue as one of the posts.  He did say he resolved it but didn't mention how it's done.

I think this class is part of Cupcake but I am unsure on how to check it.


Wayne88Author Commented:
You were right, I was missing a class.  Got it now.
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