Intermittent connectivity issue to Citrix Publised Desktop


We have a PS4.5 farm comprising of 48 identical W2K3 servers running published apps.

Our users launch IE as a published app and then connect to an external Citrix farm hosted by a 3rd party company via a Citrix Web Portal.

This external farm is also PS4.5 and comprises of 10 W2K3 servers running a published desktop.

The users can navigate to the portal, enter their credentials, log on and see their application set with no problems. However when they try to launch the published desktop they intermittently get the following error message:-

'Cannot connect to the Citrix Presentation Server. Could not find specified Citrix Presentation Server.'

From our investigation here we have noted that:-

The published desktop launches ok on all 10 servers at the 3rd party end.

It is always the same servers (at our end) that our users are connecting from when they get the error message.

The Launch.ica file shows no real difference between a server that can connect and one that can't.

There is nothing in the event logs at our end to suggest why the connection is failing.

We are a bit stuck with this one now, out of our 48 servers 22 of them connect every time with no problems and 26 get the error.

Has anyone seen something similar to this or have any ideas how to resolve it?

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BrainstormerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think this could be a firewall issue. Best think is to inspect the ICA file generated from the remote servers to see if Gateway settings are properly set in the file, and you are not connecting via direct IP to the server. If you use Direct IP, then check firewall permissions on the remote host. They might only allow access from an IP range that only includes the working servers
Vijaya Reddy Pinnapa ReddyCommented:
Do your servers have IIS on them? If so, XML could be shared with IIS.

Also check this article,
Manjunath SulladTechnical ConsultantCommented:
1. Check whether you are able to connect to Server, when issue occured,

    Telnet server name (FQDN) 1494

2. You can try adding host entry of server in client side.

3. Check Proxy settings and PAC file

4. Try reinstalling Citrix receiver (If possible, upgrade and check)
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GordonTaylorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

Our servers do not have IIS on them and all servers in our farm are identical.

They are all Radia built and the only difference between any of them is the server name and IP address.

All servers can make the initial connection via the portal to the 3rd party's external farm.

Only some of them can launch the published desktop of that external farm though.

I have even re-built (via Radia) a server that was not working and a server that was working. Following the re-build exactly the same thing is happening. The one that could connect before the re-build still can and the one that couldn't can't!

It must be something at our end and specific to those particular servers but I have no idea what?!
GordonTaylorAuthor Commented:
Hi Manjunath, thanks for the reply

1. I can't telnet to the server as it's not on our network, we are trying to connect from an IE session running in our Citrix farm via a web portal to a Published Desktop running in a 3rd party Citrix farm.

2. Added a host entry on a server our end which doesn't work, no change. The servers that do connect do not have any host entries though so I don't believe it's that.

3. The servers at our end are identical build wise so these will be the same on all of them.

4. Again not an option as we do not support the farm we are trying to connect to.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks, Gordon.
Being that your servers are identical, take a look at external settings that could impact the servers, such as GPOs and DNS.  Are all of these servers in the same OU and have all the same GPOs applied?  What is the result of NSLOOKUP on these servers?

In addition, look at the resource allocation and virtual machine settings of the servers.  For example, do all of the servers have the same NIC configuration?
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