Import PST with PST Capture v2.0

Hi All,
We have an Exchange server 2010 that connect in Hybrid scenario to Exchange Online (office365) for Online Archiving.
I installed Outlook 2010 64 bit and added the pst capture admin user that has Domain admin rights in the internal domain and Global Administrator in the Online Archiving, to the local administrator group then I added it to Organisation Management Role and the Public Folders Role and I even added to the Mailbox Import Export Role.
I started PST Capture and then this what I got:
1- If I connect to the option of On-Premise  I can see the mailboxes and I can import the pst to the users mailbox and to the archive if it is locally not in the online.
2- If I used the Cloud option I can't see the mailboxes.
3- If the users has only cloud archive (Online Archive) I can import to his mailbox but not to the online archive (error I can't open the mailbox)

Any help will be great.
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OnlineSupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi All,
This is the headline after spending hours with MS on the phone:
1- Exchange Online Archiving is not similar to O365
2- PST Capture WILL NOT work with EOA.
3- Best method is to create all the hybrid communication between in-premise and EOA, give users the license, create local archive.
4- Use PST Capture to upload the PST to the local archive.
5- Remote-move the archive to the EOA.
I hope this will help another person who stuck in situation.
I am going to document the steps in my blog:
Thanks can you refund the points, please.
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Why do you even need PST capture if you are in hybrid? Just move the entire mailbox and/or the archive:

From what you are describing, it seems that the mailboxes for all your users are still located on-prem. If this is indeed the case, what you see is normal.
OnlineSupportAuthor Commented:
This is not a migration of the mailboxes to the Office365. The license we have is Exchange Online Archiving to only use the archive in the cloud.
I spent 4 hours on Friday with the MS Eng and we didn't find any way to do this. He will go back to his Lab and will try to create the same scenario exactly, Exchange on-premise with Online Archiviing and test it with PST Capture.
I'll Update you to his outcome.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Well if you have archive for this user locally, you can move the archive to the cloud if you are in hybrid. No need for PST capture.

If you insist on using PST capture, make sure the "Import into the Archive Mailbox" option is configured.
OnlineSupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks Vasilcho, I tried to move the local archive to the cloud but it gave an error, the user had an online archive. So, the question now how to delete the online archive and then move the local to the online and the best how to merge them together. And by the way, I already selected this option. But the plan now to work with a local archive using PSTCapture and move it to the Online.
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Well if you have some users that do not already have archive in the cloud, you should be able to move those at least.

You can also remove the archive by going to the EAC -> Recipients -> Disable In-Place Archive on the right hand side. Not sure if the options will be the same if you are only using EHA. And no option to merge the archives besides export/import via PSTs.

Let's see if the Microsoft guy will come back with solution for this.
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