ASUS notebok W8

hello experts
purchased Notebook ASUS X550LC with W8 on it!

didnt like W8 and installed W7 ... now W7 cannot find few important drivers i also tried to find and coudlnt!

so now i wanted to install W8 back but installer doesnot accept W8 KEY!

i contacted microsoft they forwarded me to ASUS
asus said they will send me some instructions ... and send me nothing!

there should be some way to get W8 back ? if i had ISO image i think i could install it. but i dont have and there is no ISO online!

could you advise please ?
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's an Asus OEM version, so you need the media from Asus. You should always make the recovery media yourself when you get a new PC. It's always one of the first things to do, as the disk can go bad... Next time you know.
You can try to get your win key from BIOS by using RW Everything

Use this screenshot to get key.
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
i got w8 key before i uninstalled it

how do i install w8 ?
i got w7 running
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if you did not erase the restore partition, use the factory reset method -  use the F9 key during boot :

if you don't like the W8 looks, use classic shell :
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
oh! i deleted all partitions otherwise you cannot install W7

Call Asus again and have them send you recovery media for the PC. This won't be free, but it is cheaper than buying a full version of Windows 8.x. Once you have reinstalled W8, upgrade to W8.1, it is slightly less bad than W8 is.

What drivers did you have problems with when using Windows 7? Did you first install the chipset driver (that's the most important)? Did you try to install the Windows 8 drivers from the Asus site, it looks like it should also work for Windows 7. Also, when installing Windows 7, did you install the 64 bit version?
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
yes i installed windows 7 64
first driver i had problem wan network
then wifi
i found them online very hard though

i havent tried w8 drivers ...
i will try
But make sure you first install the chipset drivers, and then reboot before installing any other drivers.
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
i installed already LAN and WiFi ...
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
not worth it i think...

will ask assus for help and get media
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
is it should be some unique recovery media ? may be i can get ISO some how or this media from the internet ?
>>  i deleted all partitions otherwise you cannot install W7   <<  you're wrong here.
you can install W7 without removing that partition
possibly you can even recover it with Getdataback, or a partition recovery tool :                              GetDataBack
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
partition is not recovering ...

i managed to install all the drivers apart those 3 so far

PCI Data Acquisiton and Signal Processing Controller

PCI Device

Unknown Device
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is the VEN number correct for the 1st item ??  should have 4 digits

the second is the sata raid controller; if you don't find an Asus driver in their site, try this :

or try slimdrivers (free) :
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
all seem to be fine now

i found all the drivers for W7 usinng slim installer and also downloaded 4 drivers from asus page for W8 and they worked at W7

i hope it work stable. thank you guys for advises i will do copy of recovery partition next time
if W7 will be working bad i will contact asus and request media i guess to reinstall W8
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