finding drivers w7 for notebook where was W8

Got asus F550L notebook with W8

i installed w7 wiping all drive

and now im facing this issue not finding drivers!

could you help with advise where is the place for searching drivers? i tried few websites but they all full of junk

below list of drivers that W7 cannot find


thank you for your help
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prasminConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I think this all drivers are of motherboard. Now you could see that now most of the manufacuturers product only the drivers that are designated to run fully functional only on specified OS. i mean fully functional. So if you find also a driver compatiable you would not be able to utilize the device functionality fully. Hence, i would recommend to switch back to W8 only.

By the way what is the problem with W8 that u reverted back to W7.
>>  VEN_8086&DEV_9C22  <<  this is the chipset, what motherboard do you have?

did you use windows updzates>oiptional updates?  that finds many drivers

you can try slimdrivers free also :
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
prasmin  .... yes now i agree with you about switching back to W8.

i thought its just as usually fine to switch between os but not nowadays!

i opened the other question could you please reply ?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
concur use the recovery partition or buy recovery media and reinstall it back to factory Windows 8/8.1 if you can't live without the start menu add the 3rd party tool classic shell
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
cannot use recovery partition cos i erased everything to install w7

i really screwed up here... good thinking microsoft
not at all  -it's not MS who does it
did you even try my suggestions?
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
slim drivers is very cool program! i never trusted before similar programs due to scam and fraud
but this one is very nice!
i managed installing almost all drivers apart those:

PCI Data Acquisiton and Signal Processing Controller

PCI Device

Unknown Device

i got windows experiense index now 5.9 it was 1 befpre

are those 3 importand drivers ? i cannot really find them ....
then may i expect a gratification for my help?

>>  VEN_086  <<  is this correct?  should have 4 digits
2nd is sata raid controller (see your other question)

there are many F550l systems, here the drivers for the 550LA

install all drivers, starting with chipset, and don't forget these under Others
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
hi Nobus true you participated a lot
here is the link

post your reply
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