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add/delete audio tracks to Sony Walkman NET-MD MZ-N707 minidisk player w/Windows 7 64 bit

Posted on 2014-01-24
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2014-02-02
Hi, i ve an older sony net-md walkman minidisc player, usb connection.
i think i was able to obtain proper drivers for the device in windows 7, however i need software to select & burn /delete tracks from the walkman minidisk.

i used to used open MG jukebox, NetMD simple burner... the simple burner only allows me to move tracks from the cd-rom drive to the minidisk... and the md jukebox is giving app errors, probbaly becauseits 64 bit, but im gonig to try it in compatibility mode.

thus, basically, im seeking a software that will communicate with the older sony walkman net-MD minidisk player to add/delete music files from the walkman.

1 site i looked at said to use 'sonic stage' program, but when i tried to get it, site said it was discontinued product.

any ideas?

windows 7 64 bit
sony net md walkman, model MZ-N707, usb
Question by:MarcHelfand
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Expert Comment

ID: 39808257
I sourced this
Search through the ArchiVision Directory:
64 bit driver for Sony NetMD (Net MD) and standard MiniDisc for Windows 7 64 bit version (X64) and Windows Vista 64 bit
The problem is that there is no 64bit driver available for the USB connection between your NetMD and your computer running Windows 7 64 bit.
Windows 7 Pro users can switch to XP mode but that's not the shortest way to use your NetMD. Windows 7 premium users can't even switch their system in to XP mode. So that's very sad for all these MiniDisc lovers.
If you love your MiniDiscs and you can't connect your PC to it, well than you have a major problem.
HiMD seems to have no problem connecting to a 64 bit PC, at least if you use the HiMD mode. If you want to transfer music in early standards like MD and NetMD it needs 32 bit (x86) support on your 64 bit system.

There was no supported driver for 64 bit systems for so far ...

Yes we can resolve all these problems. We have the solution for these problem. A 64 Bit driver for the NetMD standard!

Just follow these steps to get your MiniDisc back to work under a Windows 7 64 bit system:
1. Make sure you installed Sonic Stage 4.3 on your Windows 7 64 bit system.
2. Download the NetMD USB-Driver for Windows 7 (64 bit) or Vista (64 bit).
    If none of these drivers work for you, please try Sony's Personal Audio Driver.
3. Unpack the zip-file with the drivers to a folder .
    You can do this with programs like: WinZIP or WinRAR or even Windows Explorer
4. Go to the Device Management section on your computer.
5. Go to Universal USB, Right click on NetMD (flaged with a red ' ! ' ) and update drivers.
6. Browse my computer for driver software.
7. Go to the unpacked folder where you unpacked the ZIP-file.
8. Follow the rest of the procedure.
9. Restart your computer.
10. If you now open Sonic Stage 4.3, after restarting your computer, you will see that you are now can make a connection with your NetMD.

Problem Fixed with this NetMD (Net MD) driver for Windows 7 64 bit!

There is also Vista drivers?
This program installs the Windows Vista compatible device driver to enable connection of the Net MD™ or Hi-MD® Walkman® player to a computer.
Install prior to the hardware being connected.

Shouldnt matter that your windows is 7 x64
I still use older programs successfully
They just install to windows 7 x64 t programfiles x86
yes i used to have Magic Jukebox nice tool that
Hope it helps

Author Comment

ID: 39808706
Hi Merete, Thanks.
As i mentioned i did find a driver, and was able to run the netmd simple buner, and it sees the minidisk player and the files on disc, etc.. however it wants me to burn from a cd rom to the disc... its not letting me view my pc for tracks to use on disc... and then im trying to use the openmd jukebox to try that out, and it doesnt work.
i can seem to locate sonicstage 4.3, ill try looking again online, when i did find it, it was bloatware, etc...
next im gonig to try on my win xp laptop.

Author Comment

ID: 39808708
from the sony site where i tried to get sonicsrtage:
hank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

Please note that the download service for SonicStage® CP Software (SonicStage Ver.4.3) Update program will be discontinued from March 29, 2013 onwards.

SonicStage CP is compatible with Windows® Vista and older Windows® operating systems. However, as it is not compatible with Windows® 7 or future Windows® operating systems, we will be discontinuing the download service of SonicStage CP (SonicStage Version 4.3).

You can continue to use SonicStage CP if it is already installed on your computer, although you will not be able to download and/or install it after March 29, 2013.
For more information, please contact your local service centre. A list of the Sony servi
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Author Comment

ID: 39808752
It seems i cant seem to locate or get hold of a simple sonicstage 4.3 ultimate version.
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Expert Comment

ID: 39809567
i used to used open MG jukebox, NetMD simple burner... the simple burner only allows me to move tracks from the cd-rom drive to the minidisk<<mini disc is a small cd disc?
Are you recording to end the of the last track?

What if you take the mini disc out and view straight in your rom drive?
I dont have the answers and have not used this particular walkman, but a educated guess these mini disc being used to store music tracks in the walkman are burnt in what format? is it rewritable? Finalised, can you add more?

Data discs can be copied from the disc to the Hard Drive but not copied and pasted back to it. It has a storage capacity.
You maybe could  use windows 7 inbuilt DVD Maker to burn tracks from your HDD to this Disc.
or wmp inbuilt cd burner

It should be playable or viewable outside this walkman in your DVD/CDrom, it has a smaller indent for mini discs
then go to your computer and rightclick the DVD/CD rom drive letter and open or explore it
Hey I found a youtube video
Mini Minidisc Guide 2 - How to record a MD and set the Track Marks
My MiniDisc Collection - Obsolete Sony Format - What To Do With them

Author Comment

ID: 39810218
hi, this mini-disc is the type thats in hard plastic square, like an old  1.44 type floppy. so its in there, and slides into the players and closes.
as i mentioned i have the driver for this o.s.
but i cant seem to locate sonicstage, and/or the openmg jukebox software i have here doesnt run properly on win 7/64, its not even openinign, in compatyibility mode.
i also tried the xp mode virtual system and it doesnt recognie the usb connections... so im stuck simply locating a program that will talk to this device...
im going to try vnc as well, but its too new..
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Accepted Solution

Merete earned 750 total points
ID: 39810765
I see, yes that goes inline with everything I saw on youtube.
I can't say absolutely what is going wrong so it's a process of elimination.
What have you tried so far?
Here's my suggestions to check.
Is the Player/software seen in device manager? running tasks when connected to the USB?
Did you run the installer from a CD? AUTO run starts?
Or manually run the setup.exe on the disc? HDD?
Even though it's windows 7 it should run fine as I said I use some very old programs even the dos box  on windows 7 and have no problems.
I would Just make a new folder in in programfilesx86 name it OpenMG or Jukebox and install to that.
If using AVG rightclick the running program at the bottom right next to clock and stop monitoring for half an hour.
I find that some flash games wont install if my AV is running.
The binary code is old and they flag it as a security threat. I have had to add my purchased games to it's exceptions otherwise it deletes it to my utter frustration and annoyance.
Also check your AV setings and preferences never to automatically delete what it deems a nasty.
They do get false positives.

If it helps have a quick refresher at the steps/ dont connect your player until after the softwre is installed.
Article ID: 38253  |   Last Updated: 04/19/2013
How to install OpenMG™ Jukebox 2.2 software for the NetMD™ recorder.
How to reinstall the USB drivers from the OpenMG™ Jukebox 2.2 software installation CD

I just read this>
About system requirements
Which USB specification is supported?
A3: USB 2.0 Full Speed (Conventional USB 1.1) is supported whereas USB 2.0 High Speed (Conventional USB 2.0) is not supported
openMG Jukebox FAQ
Try a different USB Port just incase you. I sometimes see a message from windows that there is other USB ports are faster .

Is there a shortcut to either of these on your desktop?
Rightclick them and run as administrative.

Are you the only account on this computer and are an Administrator?
Click on your picture in your start menue
User Administrator
Add the software to the exceptions list in windows firewall
Allow a program through Firewall
If you go to your start  / search and put in this sonicstage or openmg jukebox wait till search finishes searching, give it a few moments.. then click on see more results.
Do you have any other burning software installed, check your task manager and running programs in the righthand corner next to clock  and exit them,
Stop any running programs from the taskmanager incase it is already running.

FAQ has a lot of good insights
Can I use SonicStage and OpenMG Jukebox together?
A8: In VAIO personal computers where SonicStage has been manufacturer installed, you can install OpenMG Jukebox Ver. 2.2 and then use either application; however, you will not be able to run both applications at the same time. Please run one application or the other.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 39827745
thanks, turns out the virtual usb errors resolved the issue, however i still cant believe nobody has a software replacement out there for sonicstage thats works in win 7 and can talk to old sony walkmans.
LVL 70

Expert Comment

ID: 39828549
Thank you MarcHelfand
Most older hardware still installs fine, but this has reports of problems with W7 x64
I did source one that seems to work if you get in to any more issues
SonicStage CP 4.3
Best Wishes

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