Signaling out 1 Web Interface/Secure Gateway server to one specific DataStore

Environment:  XenApp 6.5, backend SQL Server.

We are running a DR test and have seperate farms for production, test, and there is a duplicate of production for DR purposes.  The test?  To point the DR web interface/secure gateway to a seperate DB and then execute apps.  I have already pointed to the DR database using the basic procedure noted here,   My issue?  We have items defined in Citrix App Center specific to this test, however; they do not show up on the web interface and furthermore, can only get the web interface address for the specific server to show up and populate, but not when routed through it's SSL address in Secure Gateway.

So, really, two issues here.

#1 - why wouldn't my items in App Center show up in the web interface for the server I am pointing to?  Is there another parameter to set to ensure this is pointed at the correct datastore?

#2 - why wouldn't I be able to point to the secure gateway address to properly execute the apps.

Thinking part of the disconnect maybe a misunderstanding on how Secure Gateway and Web Interface communicate to each other and pull the information needed to populate from the datastore, or, do I simply have some firewall rules blocking the requests?

Any ideas on where to dig to solve this is greatly appreciated.
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Ayman BakrConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
The STA is the server which caters for providing the secure ticket for the user session to start. In XA, I believe 5 and above, the Data Collector holds the XML and STA as well (in fact all XA servers are candidates for these - with XA 6.5 only holders of controller and session host can hold the XML brokerage).

But, it all depends on which servers you set in the Web Interface. XML service is the responsible for enumerating the published application for the user and presenting them to the Web Interface.

To check which servers you have set, follow this:
1. On the web interface console, right click on the intended site and select Server Farm
2. Click on the intended farm and then click Edit
3. The entries you see in the list of servers, are the XML servers you have set there.
jnordengAuthor Commented:
Should add, I can get to the web inteface with a host entry, but still can't access Secure Gateway, thoughts on this?  thanks.
jnordengAuthor Commented:
Ok, I have been able to verify that updates to the Apps in AppCenter are written into the database.  I can access the Secured Web Page via a different box now... only remaining piece, why can't I see all the items in the database?  And a secondary one, now getting "You do not have hte proper encryiption level to access this session."

Any help is appreciated.
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
For this last issue, the reason is that the Web Interface presents the session with the default basic encryption, while you might have a policy set with a different encryption level. To correct this, you either:
1. modify the encryption to the level set in the policy in each published application
2. modify the level on the web interface to that set in the policy
3. reconfigure the level in the security policy to the basic level.

For more info check this:

But, frankly speaking, apart from your last issue, I couldn't really follow up on what you have done on first hand - therefore, if you provide more clarification how you moved to the new environment or what have been done in more details and with more info on the architecture, we might be able to pinpoint what had gone wrong.
jnordengAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response.  I think I understand how to handle this, my main question in the end, is there a way to verify where the web interface is looking to pull the information to display the published apps list?

As far as the rest, I determined the encryption level was set incorrectly on published apps and I was able to execute the Secure Gateway/Web Interface section from a different server located on a different network (behind a certain firewall/DMZ restriction).

So, without the rest, I guess I would like to understand where the config or connection information is located on which the Web Interface references on the Web Interface/Secure Gateway severs to know where to point to pull the specific published apps in which it displays.

Thank you.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
The Web Interface gets the enumerated published apps from the XML server/s which you would have set on the web interface.
jnordengAuthor Commented:
Do you mean the STA's defined?  Just want to verify as we have several Web Interface/Secure Gateway servers per environment, but only a couple in each are STA's.  Thanks.
jnordengAuthor Commented:
Thank you, part of this process was to really understand how the pieces of the Citrix environment work together.  Thank you for your patience and explanation.
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