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We have a Konica Minolta bizhub c224 and its deployed to about 50 computers (not via print server). I need to change all the computer's default to black/white. Can anyone think of any scripting possibilities?

I already looked through the registry but couldnt find anything in there.
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AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
If the printer is installed on a Server.
- Access the printer properties
- Advanced Tab
- Printing Defaults

Anything you set here will be the default for every connection you make (Network Printer Option)
You can then create a logon script or GPO that will remove existing printers and add the new printer for all clients.

Another alternative is to configure Authentication and account tracking with automatic login as public user. Change the public user access to B/W only (Copy or Printing or both as desired)
Create another account for color copying and printing.
- Administrator mode
- Authentication/Account Tracking
Also make sure that "Allow Printing without authentication" is disabled to force the computers to authenticate.

Reconfigure the print driver settings
- Printer Properties
- Device Options
You can choose to have the driver pull the settings via IP (recommended) or manually enable authentication.
Access the printing defaults and specify the public user (if not already specified)

To provide color printing option with authentication turned on, the most convenient way is to create a separate printer and configure print settings with the color capable account (for everyone or for each user as desired)
Smith and AndersenCommented:
Just create a black and white print Q and only install b/w drivers
If b/w drivers aren't standalone configure the q for bw only
I have all my printers with 2 Qs..1 for colour(secured by AD)..1 for bw
tabushAuthor Commented:
Do they have b/w only drivers or i would need to modify the driver myself?
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Smith and AndersenCommented:
with my canons...after you install the printer on the server I configure the printing preferences to colour or bw which is reflected on the clients. with my lexmarks I have a bw only driver
Do they have b/w only drivers or i would need to modify the driver myself?

The easiest way is to install a driver (PCL or PostScript) for a mono printer. As the Bizhub understands both languages, that will print fine in mono. Possible problems relate to printer features such as trays, duplexer, etc. The replacement driver has to match the Bizhub, and even if they have the same trays, they may be  numbered differently. The only way is to try it.

Alternatively, it is possible to modify the PPD file of a PostScript driver to remove all references to colour. I have done this successfully in the past and am willing to give it a go if you post the PPD - you'll find it somewhere under C:\windows\system32\spool. The name usually reflects the printer model, but not always. If necessary, open it in a text editor (it's a text file) and you will find the model listed near the top.
tabushAuthor Commented:
Thanks but the only .PPD file i was able to find is CUTEPDFW.PPD
That means you don't have the PS driver installed. On checking KM's website it appears PS is optional on the C224.
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