Need a script of csvde command

Need a script or csvde command to export list of users that are enabled in domain but have not logged on the the domain in x number of days
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becraigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try if this works:
import-module ac*
Get-ADUser -Filter 'enabled -eq $true' | Format-Table -Property name, LastLogonDate

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If not I can probably tweak it a bit to get exactly what you need.
Venugopal NCommented:
You can use the dsquery to get the list of stale users account.
Venugopal NCommented:
dsquery user -o rdn/samid  -inactive 26 -limit 0
Replace 240 below with the number of days you want to check for

import-module ac*
Search-ADAccount -AccountInactive -TimeSpan ([timespan]240d) -UsersOnly
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