Office 2013 StartUp Issues

I have a client whom I have built a pc for.  it is an intel i7, 4GB, 1,000GB capacity with Windows 7 Pro.
We installed Office 2013 Home and Business as well.

We have had issues with Office software on an on-going basis.

The main issue seems to be an error that comes up on odd occassions when trying to start any Office 2013 tool.

the errors states:

Something went Wrong
Sorry, we weren't able to start your program.  please try starting it again.

If it still won't start, you can try repairing Office from 'Programs and Features' in Control Panel

If I try restart one of the programs it wont start.  Same error screen comes up.

if I go and do a quick repair (I think thats what it is called) it wont fix.

If I do an online repair, it fixes it.

But it happens again at some stage, usually a few days, maybe a few weeks later.

They are also running the Total Defense Internet Security Suite on the computer.  I am wondering if anyone has come across this issue and knows of a permanent fix??

I did read somewhere online that someone found the issue was to do with a faulty hard drive.  I have replaced both hard ddrive and RAm modules and still issue appears!
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Sudeep SharmaConnect With a Mentor Technical DesignerCommented:
do you noticed any error in the event logs?

You have also mentioned that you are running "Total Defense Internet Security Suite". Did you tried disabling it? Would that resolves the issues?

You could try:

(1) SFC /scannow (from elevated command prompt; and/or

(2) Repair your installation of Windows 7.  If you need instructions on how to do it, they are at: >.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Would you by chance be running Windows 8, VS 2012, and Windows 8 Simulator?  This is a known issue according to the following excerpt from Microsoft.

If you get the following error when you try to start an Office 2013 program, you’re running Windows 8, installed Visual Studio 2012, and using the Windows 8 Simulator.

Something went wrong – We couldn’t start your program. Please try starting it again.

Workaround    The Windows 8 Simulator and Office 2013 programs can’t be run at the same time. You might need to restart the computer and only run them one at a time.

The above excerpt from Microsoft can be found at...

Please let us know how it goes.

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mbellettyAuthor Commented:
No it is windows 7 pro 64bit
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Speaking of logs, have you tried troubleshooting with the Telemetry Log?  The article recommending how to use it is here...

After reading around some, it seems possible you may want to try a different graphics card if you have an extra sitting around. There are also sometimes known problems with Office add-ins, so you may try running without add-ins for a while.  

The article below has some additional considerations for Office 2013 compatibility, like some apps that won't let you install Office, and that Microsoft recommends 32 bit Office even for 64 bit systems.  You'll have to see about those.

I would try a full reinstall of the office product.
mbellettyAuthor Commented:
Tried full reinstall of office.  I uninstalled then ran ccleaner then installed again and it crashed.

I have just uldated all driver software from Intel website. Un installed total defense and inatalled avg.
Ran sfc /scannow
Cannot find any reference to telemetary log in office 2013 tools

Will see how that goes
mbellettyAuthor Commented:
Another thing I have found is when I do try and start an Office program, for example Word, the first box at startup is usually red and saying Word 2013
then down the bottom of that it says streaming office with a percentage indicator.  That eventually disappears but it seems as though it is trying to download soemthing rather than just launching locally.

It has done this before and after reinstalling.  I have only used the Office 2013 disc to install and reinstall
mbellettyAuthor Commented:
The 'Streaming Office " red screen seems to come up after a computer restart.  it starts when we open an Office program, then dissappears after 10 seconds or so,  but it does seem as though it wants to download something after a restart.

Have not seen that happen on other Office 2013 installs I have done!
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
My apologies, just found the Office versions with which Telemetry is bundled.  The excerpt lists Office versions in the middle of the excerpt, without yours.

screen grab from Microsoft article on Office 2013

That screen grab excerpt is from the article...

If you think you can get it, and get it to work on your system here is some how to with links...

You mentioned the streaming.  I saw something I am trying to find again for you.  I think it is why I mentioned a different graphics card.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
And just to cover the bases, here is a link to the system requirements for Office2013H&B.  You'll have to expand them a little ways down in the article.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
and the articles and videos and links on Office 2013 Resource Kit and compatibility at MSDN and TechNet at ...

Hope it goes great.
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Not enough information to confirm an answer.
mbellettyAuthor Commented:
I actually uninstalled the Total Defense software as it kept initially blocking all Office Programs from opening and we had to click on Allow to open them.  

After uninstalling Total Defense, the computer has not crashed once!!
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