Editing problems with VS2012

Posted on 2014-01-25
Last Modified: 2014-02-10
My VS2012 (Update 4) IDE is having strange editing problems. It complains about strange problems that appear as if there were whitespace where there really isn't any. For example, if I had a variable called firstTime it might complain that stTime is not declared. Any siggestions? I just recently updated to Update 4, but this was happening before. Restarting VS2012 solves the problem for a while.
Question by:steve_webber
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Have you tried repairing Visual Studio from Programs in the Control Panel?
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Do you have any Add-In loaded in your Visual Studio environment. I have had my share of problems with add-ins that did not behave properly, even add-ins from the most reputable sources.

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There is no add-in loaded (at least I didn't load one). I have rebuilt my machine (new installation of Windows 7), reinstalled VS2012 twice. I have run all Updates. The problem still happens. I am beginning to think I have a hardware problem (memory?) that only sows up with VS2012 since I see no other problems with my computer. VS2010 works fine.
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Although it is said that they can be installed together, I have seen editor problems in almost every classroom where 2010 and 2012 were installed on the same computer. I had it also on 2 of my own computers, so I uninstalled 2010 before installing 2012 on the third one. No problem with that one.

This never happened with previous versions of Visual Studio (I have installed them all since 2002), but seems to be a negative factor with 2012. The fact that they switched to WPF for the 2010 interfave might be a cause here.

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At present, I need both versions, so uninstalling VS2010 is not optimal. Eventually, I can convert my VS2010 websites and software to VS2012/VS2013, but this requires a lot of testing after I'm done and I don't have the time for that right now.
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Then expect to have annoying little problems in the editor.

I solved that situation when I was on Windows XP by installing Virtual PC, and on Windows 7 by acquiring the Windows XP emulator that is available unless you are limited to the home version. I ran VS 2010 in the virtual machine and VS 2012 in the main operating system.

Unfortunately, that feature has been removed from Windows 8.
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You can use the free Oracle VirtualBox or buy VMWare Workstation and run a Virtual Machine.

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I'd rather have software that works rather than use workarounds. I'll migrate everything to VS2012, delete VS2010, and see if that fixes my problems.
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You need to delete VS2010 before you install 2012. In my experience, installing 2012 and then uninstalling 2010 leaves you with editing problems in 2012.

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Since I already have both installed are you saying I need to uninstall them both and then install only VS2012?
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Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger) earned 500 total points
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I cannot say exactly. All I can tell you is that on every computer I worked on where both were installed, there where problems with the editor. Same thing occured when 2013 was installed along a 2010 installation.

I give training at 2 different places, with different installations (one in French under Windows XP and the other in English under Windows 7) and we had the problem at both places. Since we rebuild the computers from an image for each training session, we simply stopped using the images where both were installed, and created new images where 2010 was running under a Virtual machine. That solved the problem.

On one of my own systems, I tried uninstalling 2010, but it did not solve the problems with 2012. So I uninstalled and reinstalled 2012, the editor still had hiccups. On a second computer, I uninstalled 2012 before 2010, same thing.

I later learned that 2010 does not uninstall completely through the Control Panel. Microsoft has a special uninstaller at Maybe things would run smoother by using that one.

A lot of programmers are also complaining that they have problems uninstalling VS2012. The solution seems to be to run a Repair on it before trying to uninstall.

I am sorry that I cannot give you a more definitive answer.

Personally, I have moved my main development work to a new 64-bit computer where I installed 2013 alone. I stopped losing time on my other 2 machines, that I use only from time to time and where I have learned to live with the regular loss of IntelliSense and automatic indenting (simply saving the file usually restore it) and the very annoying erratic Undo that are my main problems.

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