Windows 7 Pro PCs won't register in DNS

I have a new Windows SBS 2011 server and a new Windows 7 Pro PC. The server issues the IP address via DHCP and the PC picks it up along with the correct setting for the DNS server but the PC doesn't appear in DNS. It's address is registered as leased in DHCP so it definitely got issued.
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ClintonKConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks Kwoof. I just joined it to the domain and it's now registered OK.
KwoofConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually the machines need to be joined to the domain for them to show up in DNS.  If the Win7 Pro machine IS joined, then I would try removing and re-adding it.  I am assuming the DNS service is running on your SBS box?
Olaf De CeusterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you run http://connect from workstation to connect this unit.
If no: Try that first
If yes:  At command prompt (admin) run the following command ipconfig /registerdns.
You also need to go in DHCP and make sure DHCP updates DNS.
Hope that helps,

Most important to try http://connect first . It does50+ actions you'd have to do manually otherwise
Glad I could help!
ClintonKAuthor Commented:
Added it to the domain using http://connect and all good now. Thanks both.
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