what steps need to take to run or deploy my ms office 2010 in the cloud or using amazon ws

I am fairly fluent in vba and need to start outsourcing differnt projects to other programmers and video, audio and graphic processing contractors . I have many different windows applications that they may not have on their computers. I guess I am becoming a project manager of sorts. What is the cheapest and easiest way to install the software thies workers need to use in a cloud based system. I signed for amazonws and find myself way over my head. Can anyone give me guidence to simplified instructions or someone who can set me up cheaply. I am on an extremely low budget
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regmigrantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you will need to evaluate the work flow you expect all these different sub-contractors to follow and assess what the minimum set of applications you need is. Then look at each application's licensing and find out if it can be used in (or via) the cloud for commercial purposes or if it needs to be individually licensed. This can usually be done via email to the developer or on web sites if its a bigger application.

Then establish how the files are going to be shared/moved through the workflow and whether they will need individual accounts or a single group access; don't forget to consider the security aspects both for your own IP and the requirements of the Cloud provider.

Once that ground work is complete you will need to discuss the minimum system requirements with each sub-contractor group and make sure they are committed to handling their own support for the application or if they are expecting you to assist - and are you in a position to do that. This needs to be agreed within your contract with them - I suggest you start by discussing it with a few key partners as part of their sales pitch to you (free advice), then work on making it more generic so you can bring new partners in more quickly.

Although there is potentially a lot of work in this it can all be done by you in advance - so its fiddly and complex but cheap! - and doing it will give you a better understanding of what you want from them and what you need to get in writing as well as what you are committing to them to make it all work.

Once you have that workflow and the list of properly licensed applications, and you understand how those applications will be installed/used you can take it to a cloud provider and get their advice on how best to make it work with their kit (more free advice). I don't have any direct experience of Amazon but you should be able to get this level of support relatively cheaply from them if you are buying their service.

hope this helps
Dov_BAuthor Commented:
Dear Reg,
I have to juggle to very limited resources time and money as I have very little of both.

First, here is a list of the commercial software I might use and actualy own the academic versions of:
MS Excel
sony vegas video editing
crazytalk  and crazytalk animator from reallusion,
here is a list of free software I might use if the use of the commercial software is to expensive
and perhaps some free video editing software out there that allows for green screen effects
(I am a teacher and self taught vba and multimedia programmer) and mainly build applications by combining code I get from Experts-Exchange and Googling
It should be pointed out that academic versions of Microsoft Office are not licensed for business use. If the project being developed is for non-commercial purposes, then there is no problem using academic software to build it.

Unless the EULA says otherwise, I'd assume that the other commercial software mentioned in http:/#a39812615 would have similar limitations.

If a person is in the business of doing VBA coding or Photoshop work, they will likely own their own copy of that software. That's certainly a question you would ask of potential subcontractors, as regmigrant suggested.
Hint taken -  I tried to be  vague in my response to the request because I felt it was close to the wind but didn't get around to checking the rules - it won't happen again.
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