Split DNS Can't get to hosted company site

I'm having a problem with getting to the company website from inside the local network. I currently have DNS setup with the following:

A contoso.com (DC IP's)
A www.contoso.com (Outside IP Of hosted website)
A www.contoso.com (Seconday Outside IP Of hosted website)

I then have IIS setup on my two DC's to forward to http://www.contoso.com

Neither www.contoso.com or contoso.com work from inside the network. I followed the walkthrough here: http://msmvps.com/blogs/acefekay/archive/2009/09/04/split-zone-or-no-split-zone-can-t-access-internal-website-with-external-name.aspx

if I run NSLookup on www using my local DNS servers I get the same thing as when I use google servers.

I do not understand why at least www.contoso.com wouldn't work.

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footechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What result do you get when you try to browse there from inside your network?
Any chance the hosted provider is blocking your IP?  I've seen that before...
Have you done a network capture?
BrohodinAuthor Commented:
I'm just getting a generic "IE Cannot display this page when browsing http://www.contoso.com 

The provider isn't blocking our IP. The previous tech edited host files as a workaround.

I haven't done a network capture. I honestly wouldn't know what to look for since DNS is resolving correctly through nslookup.
If the page loads correctly when you have a HOSTS file entry, then I would certainly do a network capture without the entry when trying to reach the site.  Nslookup uses a different resolver than that used by the rest of Windows programs.  The capture might reveal some different information.  If the site accepts pings, you could also try pinging it by name and seeing what IP it returns.
BrohodinAuthor Commented:
Pinging resolves correctly. I'll run a capture tomorrow when I have access to more than a domain controller for poking

BrohodinAuthor Commented:
Finally was able to get onsite and found that it was a resolve loop between the iis servers and outside domain. Web Dev team says they can't help resolve the issue and they must have external requests to www.contoso.com forwarding to contoso.com which is of course the opposite of what I want inside so we'll likely be migrating to a new internal domain name. Can't wait! Thanks!
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