Hyper-V 2012 -Exchange 2010 VM Not Working

Have 3 VMWare workstation VMs in production (Domain Controller, Exchange 2010, SQL 2008)

In the Lab setup new MS Server 2012 with Hyper-V

Migrated all 3 production VM's to Hyper-V environment using the Starwind VMDK to VHD converter.

Domain Controller and SQL 2008, both copied over, a couple of small configuration changes and they were up and running, users never knew the difference.

Exchange 2010 converted, Boots up, you can log into it, make sure it has the same IP as the VMWare Exchange VM (obviously not running at the same time).

When I open an Outlook client, it can't find or "connect to" the Exchange server.  I get a message down at the bottom that says disconnected. An it never "connects", not sure why or where to look.

Looking for advice on this one...thoughts?
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tech911Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
OMG... This is a disaster...Yes I do have a backup... Of course.

Here's the short version...
For some reason, there are issues with the Exchange DB on Hyper-V it won't mount...

But wait, now there is a problem with the DB on my PRODUCTION exchange server...WTF it won't mount either.

So now I am all stressed out...

Ran ESEUTIL /d and then ESEUTIL /r and repaired my Exchange DB, got it back up, etc...

I am tabling this project until the weekend, I can't afford to go through that again...

Stay tuned. I will post updates
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
When you have Outlook Open, hold ctrl+right click the Outlook icon on the system tray and select "Connection Status". Check to see what Exchange server your client is connecting to. Are the users using cached mode? Does OWA work if they try and connect? Did you check the Appllication Logs on the Exchange server, do they have any errors? Are all of the services running/start on the Exchange server? Databases mounted?

tech911Author Commented:
Here is what I am seeing after more investigation.

When the Hyper-V vm starts, the IP assigned to the NIC is not the same IP as the VMWWs Exchange Server.

The services try to start, then they bomb and the system takes forever to load, and then forever to create the desktop.

Here is my next course of action.
1.) Stop all Exchange Services on the VMWWs Exchange Server.
2.) Set them to Manual in the services msc
3.) Run a new conversion
4.) Create a new Hyper-V machine
5.) Install all the integration Services and Change the IP to reflect the previous IP
6.) Do all the required restarts, updates, etc...
7.) Bring the Exchange Services Back On Line
8.) Monitor the results.

Will advise tomorrow (Weds) as this cannot be done during business hours.
tech911Author Commented:
Performed the previously mentioned protocol... mostly successful.

Server appears to have come up correctly.
Can ping by name on network.
Outlook comes up, and users do authenticate on server.

Still showing disconnected message at bottom in the inbox.

When I try OWA it says your mailbox appears to be unavailable, even though I know the information store is up and running.

We also use Business Contact Manager which is also working correctly from Outlook.

It is looking to the correct server.

When I click on the inbox and do an update folder below is the outcome

Task 'pdsarkisian@mydomain reported error (0x8004011D) : 'The server is not available. Contact your administrator if this condition persists.'

Any thoughts?
tech911Author Commented:
There was no answer to this problem, it quickly degraded and became multiple problems as the post mentioned.
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