MS Word 2007: Installation happens every time I run


I'm running Microsoft Word 2007; and every single time I start the program up in a new session, it starts from scratch to install itself.  I've had other programs do this before the first time; but, thereafter, it recognizes the program and starts up immediately.  Not so with Word.  And not so with other Microsoft Office products (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, etc.).  My research into the question has largely been byzantine and fruitless.  Here's a screenshot of my nemesis; and thanks, in advance, for any substantive advice you can offer.  ~Peter Ferber

Word Setup screen: comes on every single time I log into computer and run the program
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAsked:
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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like you are rererring to the "install on first use" functionality.  To save having to install optional components that are superfluous to most users' needs, you can create a custom installation and set certain components as not installed, installed, or install automatically if required, whether the resources are from a local source or a network share.

I wonder if you are seeing the MS Office MSI file going through the motions of such a setup, but failing silently because of "permissions".  Are you logged in as a user with administrative rights?

Have you checked your event log to see whether there are any error entries for the Windows Installer?

You haven't mentioned your operating system, but the screenshot of the dialog looks like XP.
Start Menu > Run > and type    eventvwr.msc /s
Press Enter key or click OK.

I can't recall if Windows Installer errors are under the Application or System events.  It may help to first clear all the events in these categories before starting up an Office application so that there will be frewer entries to look through.

Have you tried a "Repair Install" of MS Office by going through Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Microsoft Office 2007.  It will detect that the application suite is already installed, and you will see the option to repair it.  This may need the original installation CD.
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAuthor Commented:
Excellent feedback and suggestions.  I will be back working on that computer tomorrow, and I will try what you suggest!  You are correct: I am using XP.  I'll get back to you when I've tried your suggestions.  Many thanks, ~Peter Ferber
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAuthor Commented:
Of the suggestions made here, I was keenest to try the option of repairing Microsoft Office.  Unfortunately, I did not see that precise option on the list of programs.  I have an attached screenshot of what I do see, which includes Access 2007 and Office 2000, but not Office 2007.  I also looked for Office Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2007, and Word 2007 -- anything I could think of -- but nothing came up that looked like the right thing.  The results are unexpected?  Any suggestions of where to look?  ~Peter Ferber

No specific reference to "Microsoft Office 2007"
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Yes, you have a bit of a muddled selection of Microsoft applications that have been installed separately, and probably from different CDs.

Check your Event Viewer > "Application" section > "MsiInstaller" Event 11729.
Double-Click on the event to open a new dialog and see whether it names the product like this:
"Product: Microsoft Office <app name and version> -- Configuration failed".

It looks to me from your screenshot of the dialog that this is a post-2003 Office installer window, but my settings are "classic" mode and may look different.  My suspicion is that it is Access 2007.  To repair the installation, try this, assuming it is Access 2007:

Add/Remove Programs window.
Select "Microsoft Office Access 2007" > Click "Change" button at right.
Shows a "Preparing to install" dialog.
Ends with a Dialog of options:
  - Add or Remove Features
  - Reinstall or Repair <----------- choose this option
  - Uninstall
Click the "Next" button
Process stops at next step with option to Reinstall or to Repair.
Select "Detect and Repair errors in my Microsoft Office Access 2007 installation" option.
Click "Install" button.
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAuthor Commented:
Firstly, your feedback has been excellent!  The things you surmised are true.  I was not aware of the Event Viewer before (part of Computer Management, under Administrative tools), and I found Event 11729, which is what you expected: ending in those pleasant words, "Configuration Failed".  I did a repair on Microsoft Access 2007; and, after taking a while to complete that process, the process was considered finished, and it rebooted my computer.  After rebooting, I tried running Word, and it installed Word again, with the same screen as the screenshot of the one I included on my first post.  

Regarding your feedback, I am curious why repairing Access would fix Word.  

That said, your feedback was remarkably precise and accurate, and I'm grateful for having taken the steps you've suggested.  What do you suggest I try next?  Thanks, ~Peter Ferber
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info!
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