DNS SOA configuretion

Dear all,
I register a DNS server while ago , but for some reasons I have to move the server and reconfigure the (Microsoft ) DNS again
After all, my DNS not resolved when I talk to enom.com which host my domain they inform :
These nameservers have the correct IP Addresses configured and they resolve properly to the IP Addresses. However, the nameservers themselves have no Start of Authority (SOA) configured. You will need to contact your DNS provider to have this configured.

Could you please help to configure the SOA?
windows server 2003 64
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mikebernhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can start by going to the windows firewall control panel, click on Advanced Settings, and then add a new rule permitting tcp/udp port 53 inbound, with all network types permitted. Repeat with a new outbound rule.
ethar1Author Commented:
when stop the Firewall , it works perfectly , I add port 53 (tcp/udp) and enable the firewall then it stop working.
Well then you know where the problem is. You have to let TCP/UDP port 53 both inbound and outbound
ethar1Author Commented:
how can configure inbound /outbound within windows firewall ?
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