Exchange 2010 - User mailbox is randomly disconnected

I have a strange case which I find it hard to reproduce and therefor investigate.
One of our users is complaining that his mailbox is shown as connected in outlook but the inbox is not up to date and have the status "Folder was last updated in....".
Incoming mails are not delivered instantly but requires Send/Receive action.

I have configured his mailbox on 5 different desktop and the results were confusing: 3 desktops had the profile configured and working flawlessly, while 2 desktops had the same symptoms.

This is why I do find it confusing and hard to point the finger at.
The last thing that I wish to do here is to create new mailbox (20GB Mailbox).
Any Ideas here?
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webox_suuportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem was with the ISP
What if using his mails via OWA ?

Maybe issue related to outlook, as u said that on 3 machine its working fine and not on other 2, so try to check if u r using his account on same Outlook, in which machines it was working fine and not on other 2.
webox_suuportAuthor Commented:
OWA works fine. It is only related to outlook.
All machines are similar: Win7 with Outlook 2010.
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Just hold CTRL button on keyboard and right click on Outlook Icon in the task bar (bottom right hand side) and click on "Connection Status".

And here check and match with the one where users outlook use to work, check if any difference you find in that.

Also finally you can meanwhile compare the content of "Test Email Configuration" with the other machine wheres users outlook is working, you just neeed to check in that Results Tab and Log Tab.

Just hold CTRL button on keyboard and right click on Outlook Icon in the task bar (bottom right hand side) and click on "Test Email Configuration", uncheck Use Guessmart & Secure Guessmart Authentication and then enter email and password and click on Test.
Kirill MorozovCommented:
Sometimes this happens when you use Outlook Anywhere.
When network (LAN) is experience an temporary disconnect , Outlook goes into Anywhere and start working via HTTP.
On computer that experience a problem  hold CTRL and right click on Outlook icon to check connection status like person above suggested.
See if Outlook use HTTP and not LAN.
webox_suuportAuthor Commented:
This is hosted Exchange, so LAN is not a factor here, only http (Anywhere).
The connection status from the disconnected clients shows that there is a problem to connect to the servers, but similar machine that located 2 steps near the first machine don't have this problems and the connection status is ok.
Email configuration is the same on all the machines.
webox_suuportAuthor Commented:
Problem was with the ISP
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