DNS registration question

I want to buy a domain that belongs to myid.ca and I never bought a domain before.
Can someone explain a-z what is the process.
I read that myid.ca what a scan of a government issued photo ID??? Why is that, is it standard and I work for a company, why would I give them my drivers's licence?
Does the site belongs to myid.ca or are they just a middle man. Can I truss them and so on so on.
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Dirtpatch-JenkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Myid.ca is a canadian (.CA) domain name registrar...

They dont "own" any domain names, they just act as a licensing agent for you to register a domain name.

Say you wanted newdomain.ca and no one has registered that domain. you would pay myid.ca the fee and they would register newdomain.ca to you.

You can then have all web traffic addressed to newdomain.ca routed to your website.
Kirill MorozovCommented:
Usually you buy domain from companies like Godaddy.com
They ask for verification of your identity so then can know that you is real you to prevent fraud.
Also that if you commit a crime they can provide authority your information.
Ive never heard of myid.ca , but there huge amounts of companies that usually only a middles man for big one`s
philjansAuthor Commented:
on myid.ca i see a domain name africa.ca for exemple, why does it says "make and offer" at 250$ is it price or not?? On ebay when you make an offer there is a timer and others can re-offer something so the 250$ can ends up to 2500$,
Why isn't there a buy button for africa.ca?
If you are looking for a domain and this is your first time go to http://www.godaddy.com/

Godaddy is more well suited to a first time domain registrant

I am not sure of myid.ca's policy, but it would seem they are just asking if you would like to make an offer on africa.ca and not purchase it.
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