Load-balancing between two wan links using bgp

Hi EE,

I want to design and implement load balancing between two wan links connected from a branch router to HQ router. The two WAN links ( W1 and W2) are connected to two different ISPs. W2 has twice the speed of W1. Routing protocol used is BGP. See diag for more info.

The two routers are Cisco.


1. Make use of all WAN links. When both links are up, networks and must use W2 and network must use W1

2. When all only one link is up all networks must use that link. So it is kind of a backup link for the other network(s)

Any help much appreciated.
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You can't load balance to two separate ISP's with BGP. BGP will always select the best path. The only thing you can do is split the traffic where the weight for certain subnets will take one path and the weight for other subnets will take the other path.

See these links:


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Thanks, this has been helpful read.
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