sending email from oracle procedure

Every this works fine. My question is when I am sending email I am getting the email address for sub center

This helps me to send email to sub centers pertaining to donors who are donating in that particular donor center. But I want to add my email also there

   url :=
     (v_server_c || '?' || v_conn_str_c ||
       '&desformat=PDF&ENVID=' || v_report_db_c ||
       '&subject="WB Donors Eligible For Conversion"' ||
       '&destype=mail' ||
       '&' ||get_email_rec.subcenter_email||

like How can I add that after get_email_rec.subcenter_email

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sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>> This works. But not the parameter

I don't know what you mean by that

also, if you're doing to append addresses, your first address probably needs a delimiter too

 ||',abc@gmail,' ||
you could try simply appending it

 '&' ||get_email_rec.subcenter_email||'abc@gmail' ||

however, the web service you are using might not support it.
if that doesn't work, you'll need to contact the service host to determine what your options are.  You're not using an oracle feature, so it's not really something you can control from the oracle side.  You can only use the api provided.

If you want more control of sending email, you may have to do it yourself.
Fortunately, it's fairly easy to do so.
anumosesAuthor Commented:
As you mentioned

you could try simply appending it

 '&' ||get_email_rec.subcenter_email||'abc@gmail' ||

does not work. Have to check with service host.
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I also wonder if it even makes sense to try what you have described.

By adding your address to the FROM line, you are trying to say the message is from two different addresses.

That doesn't make sense.  
You can send TO multiple addresses, but the message is only FROM one source

If you were sending TO multiple addresses, then maybe adding white space or a delimiter between each

||'  abc@gmail' ||


||',abc@gmail' ||
anumosesAuthor Commented:
&' ||'abc@gmail,' ||

This works. But not the parameter
anumosesAuthor Commented:
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