Powershell / Exchange: Copy calendar items from one mailbox to another

Using Powershell / Exchange 2010 SP2
Is there a way that I can copy calendar items from one mailbox to another?
I do not want to create multiple calendars. I simply want to copy the calendar items only.
Thanks for your help.
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the_omnificAuthor Commented:
I manually imported the PST via Outlook.
imkotteesSenior Messaging EngineerCommented:

You can try this..

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox MailboxName -FilePath \\Server\Scripts\USER1.pst -IncludeFolders "Calendar\*"

New-MailboxImportRequest -Mailbox MailboxName -FilePath \\Server\Scripts\USER1.pst -IncludeFolders "Calendar\*"

by manually:

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
You can accomplish this using powershell. You will need to export only the calendar items and then import the calendar items to a mailbox specifying the calendar as the target. See example below...

Export Calendar Items
New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox <joe> -IncludeFolders "calendar" -FilePath \\servername\Sharename\joescalendar.pst

Open in new window

*You need to make sure that when you are using the export command you have to specify a Share name. If you simply use a UNC path that does not represent a share it will not work

Import Calendar Items
New-MailboxImportRequest -Mailbox <sarah> -FilePath \\servername\sharename\joescalendar.pst -TargetRootFolder "Calendar" -IncludeFolders "Calendar"

Open in new window

This will import the calendar items using joescalendar.pst and import them into sarah's calendar.

the_omnificAuthor Commented:
The command added an additional calendar. It did not replace the existing one.
the_omnificAuthor Commented:
Resolved myself.
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