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I am wanting to give an user access to one application on a system over WAN.   I was planning on setting up RDP access for that purpose, but need to restrict access to just one application and its associated files, and prevent the users from being able to access all other files or applications.

What would be the best way to go about that ?    

Doing it using User permissions / groups seems like a really messy way to do it as even a user only assigned only with Remote Desktop Users can still access all of the applications and much of the files.      The other option would be to setup another TS 'server' computer with just the required client software on it and run it as a client to the server, but would be more convenient if I could just have him log into the server and restrict him to one application on the actual server as it saves the hassle of needed another machine / client to update etc.

Also the server is space limited so setting up some kind of virtual machine on the server isn't' really an option.

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ola_erikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I get the impression that you're going to let some user use a server as a workstation/ desktop. Just don't do it.

Users work on user workstations
Admins use (the) admin workstation
Servers do what servers do

Set up the user to connect via RDP to a free workstation and log in as himself (separate user account).  

About the lockdown hmm

for "quick and dirty good enough" I'd look into making a dedicated security group for just this and then hand-deny whatever looks out of bounds in that user environment for that security group.

there was a windows kiosk-mode available a while ago, unsure if its still around. As far as I can remember it lets you clear the startmenu ...

here you go:

should do it if u can combine w RDP

You can only run an application (publish) on a Server running Remote Desktop Services.

Best you could do, would be to create an account that could login (Non-Admin) to the server,  then go in to GPEdit & lock down that users desktop, start menu, command line access, etc.
yagigainAuthor Commented:
Well the server is already used by about 30 RDP users.   We wanted to allow access to one application to another medical organization.      I'll look into GPEdit, but thinking be safest to just setup an old box as a TS server for this particular purpose.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

30 RDP users? Is this a terminal server(RDS Server)?  Or do they just login to the server at different times? (Servers can only have 2 admin accounts logged in at the same time.)
yagigainAuthor Commented:
Yeah licensed RDP (TS) server, all logged on at once (or most of them).   We just want to setup a really locked down account for one particular user / organisation to use.
OK, now we're getting somewhere. What version is the TS server, win 2000, 2003, 2008 ,2011 , 2012?
yagigainAuthor Commented:
2008 R2
yagigainAuthor Commented:
Yeah remote app is interesting, but I'm not prepared to experiment with it on this application, which is SQL driven and has lots of different .exe's and also mission critical.   I think I'm going to just setup a physical box and install software as a client and allow a TS connection on it.

Thanks all for the input and helping me clarify my options.
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