Office 365 and SBS 2011

Hi I am new to setting up Office 365 so got a few questions/problems.

We have got a SBS 2011 server that runs our users.

I understand that we cant use the active directory integration which is a shame but not a massive problem I will just set the users up manually and mirror the details.

Now the Exchange server that is on site is going to stay as is for now which I believe is not a problem.  

I am trying to add the domain to the Office 365 setup which I have done by adding some info to the DNS of the domain not a problem.
I now seem to get as far as setting up the domain and after selecting on-premise then I get "sorry, it looks like your outbound connectors aren't setup correctly"

Now I have installed the software locally and all works fine so im guessing I only need to add the above to allow the user when outside of the office to login to the website and access emails etc via the web app.

If anyone could help point me in the right direction that would be great, as I say this is the first time I have setup 365 so not 100% of the best and correct way to go about it.

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
You should manage your Office365 deployment using the Office365 Onramp:

This will answer all of your questions and step you through the process.  It will also ensure that you have everything configured correctly on your current Exchange Server.

Jaroslav LatalMSPCommented:
Hi RedDoorSupplies,
If you have SBS 2011 standard, follow this::

RedDoorSuppliesAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks so am I right in saying that if I don't have the enterprise version of Office 365 then I cant use it in a hybrid setup?

So basically with a midsize business account I can download the software to the pc's but wouldn't be able to use the Outlook online as such (Although I can use OWA for that)

If I move away from my local exchange to the online system then users will be able to view all online via Office 365?

Now I think I get sharepoint with the Office 365 can this be used the basically make shared folders on the SBS server available via the Office 365 web login?

Sorry for all the questions just trying to get my head around everything as doesn't seem the most simple to setup and use.

Cris HannaCommented:
What I don't understand is why you would make this change?  You're not gaining any functionality.
RedDoorSuppliesAuthor Commented:
Well we are getting ready for a future move to online Exchange. Plus rather than having to pay out in one go for Office @ £200+ per license we can spread the cost monthly, thirdly we know that the office we are running on our machines is always going to be up to date.
Also we can allow some users to work from home by installing Office onto their home machines.

Those are the reasons for moving to 365 which I would say are all good enough reasons to switch to the service?
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