sql where statement


DECLARE @sumthing

SELECT * FROM table1
    CASE WHEN @sumtin = 1
       THEN (table1.field1 IN ('A', 'B', 'AH') )
       ELSE (table1.field1 NOT IN ('A', 'B', 'AH') ) END
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Ess KayEntrapenuerAsked:
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Surendra NathTechnology LeadCommented:
you need to write it as below

DECLARE @sumthing

SELECT * FROM table1
WHERE (@sumtin = 1 and (table1.field1 IN ('A', 'B', 'AH') ))
or (@sumtin <> 1 and (table1.field1 NOT IN ('A', 'B', 'AH'))

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Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi esskay,

CASE returns a single value so the structure that you've defined isn't legal SQL.

But you can do it without the CASE construct.

SELECT * FROM table1
    (@sumtin = 1 AND table1.field1 IN ('A', 'B', 'AH') )
OR (@sumtin <> 1 AND table1.field1 NOT IN ('A', 'B', 'AH') )

That should do the trick for you.

Good Luck,
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
The above answer is correct.  CASE blocks work great, but in a WHERE clause it's more (effective, easier to read, ??) just to use logical expressions like AND or OR, and parentheses to set the execution.
Ess KayEntrapenuerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, not enough coffee today
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