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We have been trying to remove a "Log In" link from the lower right corner of our Drupal 6.x site. We have looked at the user settings and set the log in block to none. We have also downloaded the page.tpl and edited out the "Log In" and reloaded the edited version still no success.

The Log In link only shows on the home page: www.casbenefitplans.com

Question: how the heck do we get rid of the "Log In" link in the right corner of the footer?

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Aaron FeledyConnect With a Mentor Drupal Developer and ConsultantCommented:
After modifying the page.tpl, you need to clear your caches for the change to take effect.
sio2yAuthor Commented:
Yes - we did that after every change. We also checked the page using IE, and Chrome (we are using firefox).

Wait - got it, flush all caches in the program ....Hold on - yep that did the trick.

Thank you!!!
sio2yAuthor Commented:
Perfectly simple - Thank You.
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