A client has sent me a database back end file. When I open or try to import from the file I get "File is not correct format" and when trying to repair for a second time I get "this file caused a serious error the last time it was run"

I have managed to open a table from the file even though I could not import from it and found "#Error" in some of the fields all on one line.

Anybody have suggestions on what is happening?
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strivoliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, you should ask the client to give you a table with data and not a linked table. The result is the same but at least (with a data table) you'll be able to open it and read all the data.
Which Access version are you using? Which Access version is the database?
Thank you.
DatabaseDekAuthor Commented:
Both 2002
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Can you ask the client to take a copy of the DB, remove all objects (tables, queries, forms, ...) and leave only 1 table?
Be sure it isn't a linked table.
Are you able to open that DB?
DatabaseDekAuthor Commented:
The data is a linked data table and it is the linked table that I am opening directly with Access. The #Error field values are in a number of tables that have a relationship with the main table

So the .MDB has no forms or other objects or queries. The .MDB will open once only.

If I try to import these tables to a new blank DB they are ignored by Access and are not copied
DatabaseDekAuthor Commented:
Sorry I am misleading you. The table is the table that the db is linked to. I am not viewing from a link.

I suppose the question is how does this corruption (Assuming that is what it is) gets there in the first place
Dale FyeCommented:
So, was there corruption, or was it simply a case of not getting a db with the actual data?

Many ways an Access datafile can get corrupted.
1.  Multiple users accessing the data from the same front end (each user should have own front-end)
2.  Accessing the BE over a wireless connection (this is not reliable and a broken WiFi connection can cause corruption).  If you need to be able to access the data over wireless, SQL Server or SQL Server Express (free) is more reliable.
3.  User connection to the database is broken (power outage and user shuts down computer without logging out of application are most common causes).
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